Cam Plus subscription outside America


I’m looking to buy a few wyze cam, I know I can import it from for example, but I want to be sure to be able to subscribe for cam plus once I receive the package. I tried to order it from the official wyze store to be delivered to a friend living in the US, but my paypal got declined (I read it was supposed to work if using paypal instead of a credit card). I can’t subscribe to cam plus directly since I don’t have a cam yet, but I suppose it will be declined as well even if I buy the cam elsewhere (same payment backend probably). Does anybody knows if there is a “trick” to be able to subscribe without an american credit card ? (and no, I don’t want to use USunlocked)

Side question : if I manage to order from the official store, will the camera be permanently linked to the account which made the order or are the cam register-able on any account ?