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I’m a new user of Wyze .
I’m based in the U.K… I want to purchase cam plus for my cameras after 2 week free trial but when I go to purchase cam plus the options are Canada or America and purchase is in US $
So, is cam plus available in the U.K.?
If so, when purchasing, where do I access purchase of cam plus for U.K. use.
Think the product is great … v3 cameras remote access is fab …

I don’t think it’s available much outside the U.S. I’ve seen posts from Canadians and others asking when various products will be available but Wyze just replies they are considering it.

Ok cheers Bill,

That’s what I thought …

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So, if I stay in the U.K. and want to monitor the property in the U.K. I cannot use cam plus ?

Yes or no please ?

I’ve payed the subscription but by what your saying, it will not work because I don’t own a property in the US

If you paid the subscription and you were able to redeem the licenses in your account, you will be able to use it. The whole thing is badly designed. Not sure that you won’t have performance issues with it.

What that says to me is that if you live in the U.S., subscribe to CamPlus, you can access it from anywhere in the world. It DOESN’T say you can subscribe if you live elsewhere since it also states you need a U.S. billing address.

Even if CamPlus is geo-locked, you can use a VPN service to access your camera feed.

Ok, cheers for your comments …

Not sure how a VPN solves the OP’s problem of not having a US billing address? Besides, with a VPN all access is non-local meaning that all live video, etc. is accessed via an internet connection that runs to the US and back to the UK which could be fraught with problems.

Easy, the VPN service allows a user to set the user’s “location”.

So if I were in the UK and use, for example, NordVPN, I can connect to a NordVPN host in the US. That masks my actual location and makes me appear to be in the US.

Look it up, this is how, for example, Netflix users are able to view movies that are geo-locked.

Still doesn’t solve the problem. OP is accessing cameras in the UK which involves a round trip to the US and back. Still doesn’t fix the billing address problem. By the way, I do understand how VPNs work.

I didn’t address the billing problem, only the technical aspect of the being geo-locked. That’s yet another issue for him to tackle. I’d assume having a credit card accepted in the US solves the billing problem.

Yes, even if the camera is in the UK, you can still view the feed from the US.

As for the double round trip, I can tell you that commercial VPN services are pretty fast. They use the service to watch movies.

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And thinking about this more, there really is no double round trip. There’s one additional host. And like I said, the speeds are phenomenal.

And also remember, once the Wyze server has cleared the connection, it’s now peer-to-peer.

As noted by @Brlepage CamPlus is NOT geo-locked so that is not part of the problem. Also, peer-to-peer is affected by the VPN. The VPN makes the phone non-local to the camera so the internet connection would be used, not the local wifi.

Please re-read what I posted. … IF GEO-LOCKED

This guy has a serious reading comprehension problem.

Fine, but that was not part of the problem posted. The problem is the inability to purchase a CamPlus subscription without a US mailing address.

I didn’t say that. Please stop putting words in my mouth. I addressed a hypothetical situation,

I’m not trying to put words in your mouth. The original question from the OP was whether or not you can purchase a subscription in the UK. Access to the cameras and CamPlus was already functional via a Trial License without the need for a VPN.

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I didn’t want childish “ my toy is bigger than your toy “ replies…

My house is in the U.K. I’m monitoring it periodically from a business in the U.K.

I don’t have a US address and don’t want one.

Does cam plus work for me or not?

Yes or no answer… all other input will be ignored …

Thanks …

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If we go by the fact that CamPlus isn’t geo-locked, yes, you’re OK. Wyze is likely to honor any credit card that will accept international charges.

If for any reason CamPlus is geo-locked, then you still have a VPN solution.

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