Setting up Wyze cameras overseas

Does Wyze work in overseas countries? We will buy them in the States and get the monthly contracts set up here in the States but use them in a small cottage in Africa

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CamPlus is not limited to the US. There are many users who use it internationally.

The caveat to this is that if you purchase the subscription from the Wyze Website, the account and payment method need to have a US or Canada address. If you buy the subscription from the Apple App Store, it would need to meet their payment requirements and be under the same login email as your Wyze account.

There are regions of the world that have issues logging in because Wyze Security has blacklisted regional IP’s due to hacking activity. You would need to contact Wyze Security at for details on the region in Africa you plan to travel.

You tagged your post with “Home Monitoring”. The HMS subscription product is NOT supported outside of the US and Canada.

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