CamPlus is not available in Canada

I recently purchase a Video Dooebell from Home Depot Canada, Installed and liking it but…when I tried to purchase CamPlus, apparently it can’t be done without a US Mailing Address?? Apparently an issue Wyze’s Billing Department, I was told in a phone call to WYZE Support.
So it appears that I have a dumb doorbell once the free 14-day expires,…ridiculous. I would not have purchased if I had known this to be the case!

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I’m in Canada and no issues paying for Camplus licenses. I have renewed in August. Paid with mastercard and the invoice is with my Canadian address on it.

My info comes from QYZE Tech Support and also Chat Support after multiple rejections of two credit cards and Paypal.
I had multiple up sell attempts while installing the WYZE App, so I was very surprised when I hit this roadblock.
Frankly, I don’t understand how this can even be an issue. WYZE says ‘they are working on it.’ and to check back ???
Hopefully resolved really soon, as the Product (Video Door Bell) is working well.

I wanted to try to put another license in my basket and go to the payment page, but I have to edit my subscriptions. I already have 2 but I don’t know if I need to add one to get 3 and proceed to checkout. I wouldn’t want to mix everything up and pick myself up with 5. When the end of my licenses comes, I cancel 1 or 2 days in advance because it is the promo period. Otherwise, they would automatically renew at the regular price.