Cam Plus in Europe?

I would love to subscribe for the Cam Plus deal, but you guys won’t let me pay for it unless i live in US or Canada.

Any workaround for this? - Will it ever be possible in Europe?
It’s a little disappointing not to be able to do this! :smiley:

I got the free Cam Plus trial going for 14 days right now, and that is somehow possible? But paying for more is not? o.O

Could you use PayPal. I’m not sure if this would work!

They allow PayPal for buying cameras but not for buying subscriptions.
I was also on the 14 day free trial, so it’s disappointing that I cannot now subscribe to the full Cam Plus experience.
I’ll need to look for a proper camera supplier (yes, I’m irritated with Wyze).

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I have an update - I’m now on Cam Plus using a PayPal subscription.

They sent an email advertising Person Detection. I checked it and in the usual credit card page where you select USA or Canada, I noticed there was a link up top to PayPal. So I backed out and chose Cam Plus and the PayPal link was still there. So now I have it.

After paying for it, you need to update your app and camera firmware and then go into Account on the app to select the camera to apply the license to.

Finally. I’m happy.

I’m glad it worked out fou you. :grinning: