Ability to use PayPal for Wyze Services payments

Can you please make possible to pay with Pay Pal

You already can. When I buy with the shop link in the Wyze app I pay with PayPal. I did it yesterday with the Wyze lock early release.

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Yes, you can buy hardware But not Complete Motion Service
Thanks for respond

Complete motion service paid via Paypal would be nice. Especially for those of us, like myself, who live abroad.



Any plans to allow users to pay for full motion detection via PayPal? Would be great for users without a credit card, if monthly would not be available on PayPal what about an annual plan?


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There are lots of users who use wyze cam and want to use the service Complete Motion Capture and they cannot do that because you only accept US/Canada credit card.
why not allowing Paypal as well ???

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I do agree upon. In order to subscribe to Complete Motion Capture you are expected to live in US or Canada only. I don’t need assistance or localized features, I’d just like to subscribe to a service like Complete Motion Picture using Paypal.

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I’d also like to pay via PayPal as I live in Europe and do not have a US billing address.
I bought 4 cameras through Amazon US ok but now I cannot subscribe to CamPlus.
I’ll have to look at Ring and Nest instead.

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It seems to be now enabled.

I was checking their Person Detection option in the mail they recently sent and there is now a PayPal option at the top of the credit card page.
So you can now select Cam Plus and then in the credit card page you can change to PayPal and go from there.

Yes! It is enabled.
Yesterday night I subscribed CamPlus via PayPal.
Great for EU people with no US issued credit card.

How about Apple Pay, do you take that?

I find it surprising that you need a US or Canadian Credit Card to purchase services. I’m in Australia, I love my Wyze cameras. Why can’t I have these things too?

It appears that you can now use PayPal to pay for Wyze Services on the website. I will run this by Wyze staff to get this topic updated.


Sorry for my delay! This has been updated to reflect that you can now use PayPal for Wyze services. :slight_smile:


Great. Done deal then. Paid

where the hell is the PAYPAL icon to pay with at Wyze website? I’m purchasing several cameras and I just get the surprise after filling a lot of information that only credit card (and worse, only from the USA) is accepted, this happened to me 20 years ago not lately, it’s more than 15 years ago I don’t put my credit card info anywhere, just paypal, considering these cameras can only be seen one by one and in a mobile phone only, no web access, no PC access, and this complication when paying, I’m pretty sure I’m going to another brand, they even discontinued the sense kit leaving all users alone, not serious