I cannot buy CMC subscription

I’ve tried to buy CMC subscription for my cameras and seems that I’m unable to do that.
I’ve tried two different Credit Cards (MasterCard and Visa) and none of them seems to work.

I want to buy that subscription.

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Are you outside of the United States? That might be the issue. Here is the support article on that.


Yes, I’m from Europe

Officially, there’s no support in Europe since they don’t sell it through any official channels in Europe. Their cloud stack is also all US-based, which can introduce latency and stuff. Having said that, if you can get it to work with your credit card, I don’t think they’ll block the IP or anything. But so far, they’re not officially supporting anything non-US or Canada. And Canada isn’t really fully supported yet either in terms of warranty, etc.


But you can buy from Amazon US and Amazon ship to UK.
I recently bought 4 outside cams
I get numerous emails to buy Cam Plus, I want to, but Wyze billing page only accepts the country as US or Canada
Time you allowed payments from outside US, i want to give you money lol are you Mad Wyze?