Allow WYZE cam subscription services outside USA

Hi i have just received the email regarding name your price for person detection.

I would love to support wyze however Wyze only allow subscriptions from USA based users. If Wyze changed this to allow worldwide subscriptions but in usd this would open up the market and increase your customer base for all your features without affecting your costs.

Yes Wyze don’t sell the cameras etc outside of USA however there is no reason you couldn’t allow subscriptions outside of the USA allowing more people to support them.

I understand the extra costs with directly selling hardware outside of USA due to testing and different power adapters etc but services shouldn’t be an issue. Especially if accompanied with a disclaimer that as the user isn’t in the USA a delay in service may be experienced whilst the camera communicates with the USA servers.


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Hi thanks I submitted this before I had found PayPal was accepted. Now a happy cam plus user.



I too am outside the US in Canada.
Are you saying if I go through PayPal Canada that will be recognized as a sort of US payment and I can get the Name your Price coverage to recognize people?


I have been a Wyze customer since September 2019 and was fortunate enough to receive the Name your price email notification however, I live in Jamaica and the subscription page does not have an option to pay with a Jamaican credit card!

I had a chat with an online Wyze Wizard and was told that this feature is being planned, but she could not say when it would be available [Wyze Ticket 775438].

My issue is that the window to Name your price is closing and I will most likely miss it, because I do not have an option to pay for the subscription! Will I still have the option to name my price after the promotional offer has passed, if Wyze adds the feature for outside-US payments?

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Thanks for your comments.

I contacted a person at Wyze support and they confirmed that PayPal would work. So I did go through PayPal and paid for the Name your price, it did accept it.

I will monitor in the next few months if it works or not. I hope it does. I also kept the link when I did pay it shows that you can edit it and in edit you can unsubscribe from the program.

I hope this helps

Take care


Thanks Brlepage and lightyears,

The PayPal option worked out. I must have missed it the last time I attempted to check out. I am now subscribed to the 12-sec Person Detection service.

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Hi all, I know there are topics regarding shipping to EU etc and I am not overly concerned regarding shipping but I want to pay for Wyze services

I really want to give you guys my money (continuous recording plus future services) but you don’t accept payments from outside the US!!

I asked this in 2018 and I was told they were working on it then again last year with the same message and once again with the new continuous recording

You have no idea how bad I feel opting for the $0 subscription service, I want to help you guys grow but you wont have my money :frowning:


If you have a PayPal account that is linked to your local credit card, you can opt to use PayPal for payment instead of your credit card. It’s at the top of the page where you choose the amount for Name your price. Just check the circle beside PayPal instead of Credit Card and when you continue to payment it will ask you to sign into PayPal to complete your order.

If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can simply create a free account with them and then link your local credit card to it. It will have a few authorization and validation steps before it will make payments from your card.


Thanks for this :grinning: this is new an not an option previously so this is fantastic news :+1:

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Allow for international billing on the website in order to make wyze services available to everyone

You can vote for it here!

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On the website there is no option to subscribe to services such as pay what you want person detection without having a US billing address

@kfong04 Try to vote for this #wishlist. Seems I’m the first vote!. :globe_with_meridians:


Oh I just read the rest of this thread :sweat_smile:
I will give PayPal a go, thanks!

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No. :grinning:

Why?.. I think it would be great for their Canadian market…