Wyze Home Monitoring (HMS) - Provide service to Canada

Make Wyze Home Monitoring available in Canada.

UPDATE 2023-07-25:

Wyze Home Monitoring (HMS) service has been established for Canada.
Please reference: Wyze Home Monitoring – Wyze Canada Store
Home Monitoring Canada FAQ: https://support.wyze.com/hc/en-us/sections/9960610038939-Home-Monitoring-Canada-FAQ

I want home monitoring in Canada and shipping to Canada

I want the home monitoring starter bundle in Canada

Would like to request home monitoring for Canadian customers.

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Offer Home Monitoring Services in Canada! I just finished chatting with your support team and they indicated that it is not being offered in Canada as it requires law enforcement support. Hoping this means that service in Canada is under consideration, because I would definitely be interested, and I’m sure other Canadians would be too!


That is a fact. I wonder if I could assist with that liaison with provincial services🤔

I hope Wyze support Home Monitoring in Canada soon. I’m signing up as soon as they do and I know so many people who want this as well.

And Please start shipping to canada too!


Home Monitoring in Canada Nov 2021

When will Home Monitoring be available in Canada? Is it on the roadmap yet?