Allow WYZE cam subscription services outside USA

Because it’s already a wishlist item, and Wyze can’t manage selling products in Canada, how would they manage a service?

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Please, please, please find a Canadian distributor! We need Wyze (fully supported) in Canada!

Hi, we need a way of resale of licences of Wyze Services cloud, because there are many people interested and we may offer the wyzecams with service integrated, but Out of Usa, there are many people, that not have debit or credit card or paypal too.

I suggest to give or to sell us an amount quantities of Coupons or Months of Licenses, so Wyze will be pre-selling without before the customer using the service.

We have 3 years selling and installing WyzeCams Out of USA and these Cloud Service may work more fast if give the option when are doing the first installing, of turnoff the location and access the internet and permit do the setting via LAN with router WiFi, after the gadgets are working, the customer must active their location and receive any verification code, etc.

thanks by your comments or new ideas.

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I’ve been told CamPlus works in Canada but as a Canadian, we cannot purchase it unless our billing address is in the USA. Any time line on when this will be rectified.

We would love to order more of your products but unfortunately, without CamPlus being available in Canada, we are at a standstill. We have several of your v2 cameras and would like to add more or upgrade to the v3 and other items but we cannot.

We have owned the v2 Cameras almost since your beginning and have wanted to get CamPlus since it was introduced; but to no avail.

We also have several family members who also have your devices and want more than the 12 second clip and 5 minute warm up to be back in action.

I’m sure there are a lot of Canadians who would subscribe but we just need you to do your part to make this happen.


You can get CamPlus by using a PayPal account to purchase the Plus feature.

It has worked for me on 3 V3 cameras they are so much better for night vision when you set the night vision mode to Off.
you can play with that what ever you prefer.

Also and also Home Depot sell the V3 cameras

Hope that helps

Please enable cam plus in Australia!

I am unable to subscribe to Cam Plus in Australia. As it is easy to aquire Wyze cameras in this country via Amazon it would be benificial to obtain upgrades such as cam plus. Please help

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I’m in Canada I had to use PayPal to get my CamPlus. It might work for you also good luck

I am in Ontario and the system will not allow me to have Cam Plus because I do not have a US address. Not sure how you did it.

I too am in Canada Ont. When I did it I opened a PayPal account then went to wyze and at purchase used my PayPal instead of credit card. It doesn’t seem to know where your from. US or CAN unless things have changed I still have CamPlus. Activated. Hope it helps

Please provide Cam Plus PRO support for Canada

Canada also uses 911 for emergency calls, it would be great to get the Cam Plus PRO feature added to Canada.

[Mod Note]: Cam Plus Pro has been renamed “Cam Protect”.

Friendly Faces in Canada

This is a great feature that we cannot have in Canada. I feel like it would be a welcomed function and I would happily pay for it!

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Allow Non US Billing Addresses for Subscriptions

Allow subscriptions to be charged to a US $ card that has a non US or Canada billing address. This used to be the case but now your billing provider does not permit this

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