Canadian Subscriptions to Person Detection

Much has been already posted with regard to Canadian customers ordering Wyze devices directly from Wyze and have the products shipped across the U.S. - Canada border. My submission to the Wishlist is not for products but for a subscription for Person Detection. I received an email from Wyze indicating I am a “Legacy Customer” along with the opportunity to subscribe to this new service. I was extremely disappointed that I couldn’t even submit a Canadian credit card for just a subscription, which involves no international shipments whatsoever. In this world of international commerce, it’s crazy that Wyze would turn down revenue for something as simple as a subscription! **//Mod Edit: Title Modified to enhance Search Clarity.

Will it let you pick $0?

I’m not sure about the person detection subscription but I have successfully purchased a cam plus subscription using a canadian credit card. It would be odd for one to work and not the other.

Expanding billing outside the US. I want to subscribe to persons detection but not availebled in Canada But sell on Before person detection Was free and now nothing so juts do i put in garbage now?

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I would contribute to the person detection if there was an option for an “Annual Payment” instead of monthly for such a small amount. There is an annual amount option for CamPlus services so this should be an option for this as well. For the time being taking the $0 option as early adopter being told person detection was included at no extra charges.

I signed up for In Person Detection and paid about $ 14 for the year however, I don’t see it on my account at all and no option to add it to 1 of my 2 cameras.

Can someone advise??

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Open the app, account tab, services, person detection.

one reason to purchased these cameras was the person detection and now we are being left out of the option to even pay for the service. I think Wyze will lose customers looking for a new system. I know there are growing pains but leaving out customers is not a good way to look after your growth of the company.