Can't subscribe to person detection for $0

I’m trying to subscribe to Person Detection for $0. I have a valid CC on file. I get a message:

“Purchase failed, please make sure the credit card info is right and try again.”

I only want to make sure I can qualify it for $0, I might start to pay later, I don’t even know if I’m going to use it (I want to experiment some with the latest version). BUT, I can’t seem to get it added to my account.

Any ideas?

They require a credit card to pay $0? Why?

Not sure, but I sent customer service an email and haven’t heard back. Yet I keep getting emails saying time is running out to add this service to my account for $0.

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I’ve seen this posted before.

@WyzeGwendolyn may be able to help.

It’s set up as a recurring monthly payment even though it’s $0. I guess so you are able to change the amount any time.

Select $1 and a popup will appear saying if you would like to add a dollar…select no.

The enter Custom Amount will then highlight…click on that and enter $0…

No credit card info needed.


You shouldn’t have to include credit card info for the zero dollar selection. I apologize for being late here and hope this was resolved before now. If not, I’d recommend customer support. I don’t have the access needed to resolve this issue.

Wyze Customer Support

I had to. We’ll see what happens when the CC expires.

Thank you for telling me. Would you be comfortable messaging me your Wyze account email so I can have the team check on this?