Cam Plus Annual Plan

I currently have 5 cameras each on its own Cam plus plan with different due dates. I want to get the Annual Cam Plus plan that covers all my cameras. Can you explain how that would work for the plans I already payed for! Do I get a Credit for the camera I already payed for Prorated of course? I want to add one more camera but before I do I need to know how the Annual plan integration will occur!

No refund and no credit. In October I changed my annual plan that I had for 4 Cam Plus cameras to annual Cam Plus unlimited because I now have 9 camera. The 4 cam plan has an expiration date of FEB.2024. I went to my account and removed that plan so it would not auto renew in Feb. The plan is still active until it expires but there is no refund or credit for the unused portion.

Check out this thread, may be of some assistance in contact.

They cancel your current subscription(s) and then recharge you for them in another plan

I cancelled my original plan. All that does is stops the Auto Renew. They can try to charge me but they will not be successful.