Cam Pan v4 Ideas

I wish… I wish the WYZE Cam Pan V3 had a 36x Zoom optical and with 8x digtal, for outdoor use, with power bank and solar panel. WHY???

Don’t get me wrong, but when you have a large front yard, I want to be able to see far away with clarity, and ( 1 ) catch who’s been stealing my mail, and get their license plate and their face. And ( 2 ) catch the individual drag racing up the block and report it to police, before someone gets hurt again or run over. I’ve already seen one person crash into a tree and lose their life trapped and burned to death, while the other car sped away, and individuals friends just watched. Just trying to be proactive… concerned neighbor…

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I would love a true ptz camera, I have a two 20x pzt cameras, their sensors are not as good as the wyze’s as the night vision is 100% b/w, they have no real motion alerts, and their app is hard to use, also one of them cost as more than 10 wyze cameras. A ptz Wyze with a 36x opticla zoom would be killer. Count me in for at least 4 of them. I did put a new telephoto lens in one v2 camera and it works okay. I can read plates at the corner stop sign. but beware, on fast moving vehicles you might not be able to read them, I think you would need a higher framerate. too. The power bank/solor panel would be good to… how about instead of Wifi use Cellular like some trail cam’s do. Now that would take care of a few issues. I with they had an option for wired interne with poe to boot.

What’s everyone think about a dome style pan cam?
The square style is tall and hard to conceal.
I’m thinking of a low profile dome style cam that can be mounted under the eve of your home or flat on the wall. But round and inconspicuous.
Anybody else?
Food for thought.
I think it would be a huge leap forward for wyze to have some options on design styles.

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I would also like a corner mount option so the camera can cover two sides of a building or structure. Also if they could incorporate a pancam into the flood light model as well.

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How difficult was it to install the telephoto lens into the cam pan v2? I am thinking about attempting this in a v1 cam pan, from looking around not sure the telephoto lens can be used in v3 cam pan. Or I may look at the telephoto og on top of the v3 cam pan.
Any suggestions are welcome.

Wyze cam pan 4 idea

I think the camera should have motion sensor on the back and front so it pan to the blind spots or dual camera. The one side camera deactivates when it recording you so the other side doesnt record ceiling or both side can record. Option In Setting to turn recording for both sides on or off. I think dual camera or dual motion sensor on two sides of the camera would be nice

A POE pan dome camera is top of my list. Current cameras get covered in snow, bird nests, bug crap, etc. and are easy to vandalize when mounted outdoors. A dome camera that could be mounted under an eaves would address all these concerns.

There is a reason why every other camera maker offers an outdoor dome camera.

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Pan V3 Solar and license plate reader support

1.) Wyze needs to manufacture and support a version of the Pan V3 that supports a Solar Panel. Not everyone has power where they want to install it.
2.) This camera also needs to be capable of read a license plate from at least 20 feet away and ftom a 30 degree angle.

That would set you apart from the rest if the other manufacturers.


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Easy enough to do now with a battery, solar panel, solar regulator, and 5V regulator. Since the Pan V3 is intended for continuous power, it does not have the low power functionality of the cameras intended for battery operation. Therefore, you may be surprised how much solar panel and battery you would need.

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This camera only needs to record on motion so battery life with a solar panel should easy to design. Ring does it and all the other surveillance systems Reolink etc…

Im new to this but im not new to your cameras or other companies cameras. You guys need to make an outdoor pan cam thats solar and we shouldn’t have to buy the panel separate. Also your outdoor cameras should come with the required plugs so they can be used outdoors we shouldn’t have to buy the cord separately. From what ive seen u guys are still mainly indoor cams because no one wants wires now days as they can be a problem for most since not everyone wants to drill holes through their walls to have a camera outdoors and have to plug it in indoors. I thought when i used ur cameras when they 1st came out that u guys woukd be advanced by now but u only have 2 outdoor cameras and 1 has been sold out for months . When will u guys make wireless outdoor cameras that can record more than 30 to 60 seconds per recording?

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How about creating a Wyze camera pan rechargeable. With solar option

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I second the pan-cam with solar charger.

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Outdoor pan and tilt, varible zoom camera

What is your intent with this post? If you are asking about Wyze’s outdoor Pan, tilt, zoom cam, they have one already and it is called the Wyze Pan V3 and you can find it here:

It Pans, it Tilts, and it has variable digital Zoom (no optical zoom…which I would love to have in a future model).

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That camera isn’t suitable for outdoors. It’s susceptible to vandalism, insects, birds (nests), dirt, you name it. That camera in a dome with POE suitable for mounting on a wall or under an eavestrough is really needed.

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Wyze pan cam with spotlight

Any objections. Seems like an awesome idea

I asked about this in the last AMA event. Here was a response by one of the founders:

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