Ideas for next generation Wyze Cam Floodlight

At this time, Wyze does not have any specific plans for a next generation Wyze Cam Floodlight. The purpose of this wishlist topic is to collect requested features and use cases, so that if and when a decision is made to develop a next-gen floodlight, your ideas are consolidated here for consideration by Wyze.

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Color Temperature Disappointment -Wyze floodlight cam v2

More than a little disappointed there isn’t a more pleasing color temperature option for the floodlight v2.

I have not bought any of the Floodlight versions waiting for something more in the 2700k-3000k color temperature. I get some people want the ugly color for security purposes, but I can’t stand the look at night.

I heard making a selectable color temperature makes the unit too expensive, maybe a different option where you choose when you buy which color temp suits your purposes would be a good solution.

I have 2-3 spots I am wanting to add these, but will wait until i get a better color temp. For those who prefer 5000k light, I’m glad you have something that fits your needs, just doesn’t fit mine (light aesthetic is a big factor in my illumination purchases)


As an amateur astronomer I don’t want to own a 5000k light. I don’t want my neighbors to own a 5000k light. I don’t want ANYBODY to own a 5000k light.

I would have bought one of these a long time ago if it was 2700k or warmer.


Here’s your crew @Resist.


Cam Pan on floodlight

You just release a new floodlight with a wide angle camera on it. How about a floodlight with a cam pan on it. I love the Cam Pan V3 and think it would be the prefect addition to the floodlight line.

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No idea what that means.

You wanted warmer lights correct?

I even made you templates so you could try to tint the floodlight.

Here are more folks wanting the same.

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Thats very nice of you, but I haven’t really liked the look of tinted 5000k, it never quite looks right and dims it more than a naitive 2700k warm light

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You say here, but where here? And yes you made me templates but they wouldn’t print out.

This thread sir. This thread was created for other members to provide ideas for a next generation flood light. Others above, are requesting warmer colored lights as you and I have discussed in the past.

I tagged you in this thread to notify you that there are others making this request and for you to add your input by saying “Here is your crew”. A group of people who desire lights on a floodlight as you do.

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Okay, I get it now thanks!


Stop shadows from trees waving from being detected as a person moving on the driveway and creating an incident report.


I prefer a 5000k light for security, it makes it much easier to ID someone in that light. I understand others don’t care about accurate color or wider coverage, so I think a next gen light would have a tunable white LED. This way it could be all things to all people. Want a warmer color? We got you! Move the camera and prefer a daylight bulb? We got you, too! You could also let it be warm for ambient light (always on at night, for example), but it could switch to cooler light if it detects a person at night.


When I saw the new version came out, I was anxious to buy it until I saw the temperature range. The new model lists its low end at -4. Living in the upper midwest, winter can sometimes drop us to -20s and that is without the wind chill. Perhaps a more insulated model even if it is slightly bulkier for us Northerners would be helpful.

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Floodlight with Motion Cam

How about a Floodlight with a Camera that has a 360 degree motion or even 180 degrees. Right now Ring does not have that and Eufy offers that. Would be great for motion tagging and to see a broader range and those blind spots. Of course with all the features of the floodlight cam and pro version. Also in black or white.