Wyze Cam Floodlight with a Pan v2 Option

I want a good motion sensing floodlight to go with my Pan v2 camera, or possibly have a floodlight package that already has a Pan v2 attached, instead of the v3.

That would be great! Sadly I don’t think Wyze will make this because the pan v2 isn’t supposed to go outdoors. Maybe they will make a waterproof v2 for it? That would be cool. Make sure to vote for your own wishlist item.

Btw, if your trying to just get a 180 view of the space the floodlight is pointing at, you can get a second cam and put it next to the floodlight. The floodlight has a USB port on the back.

If you wanted to mount the cam on the floodlight, I have made a 3D printed mount for this purpose since this is my setup. Wyze Floodlight Cam 2-Way Mount | 3D model | Thangs


Yeah, you’re probably right. That’s why they call it a wishlist, though, right? I would be mounting it under my front porch roof, so weatherproof wouldn’t matter to me.
I like your 2-way mount. Are you selling these?

Yup :slight_smile:
Yea you should be fine under the porch.

No, I’m not selling them. The STL is free to download on that link, but you need access to a 3D printer. Your local library or maker center may have one. Sorry

Ok, thanks. Looks like a terrific solution for me if the fields of view overlap.

Yea, it overlaps just slightly, so it’s perfect :slight_smile:

I hope that they make the floodlight with motion detection and the Cam Pan 2. Plus I want the option to put in my own bulbs. If they do then I will buy at least 2 of them if they price them right. I want security, not a fixed camera that people can just walk around the side to avoid it. Plus it would be super cool if they could put some kind of zoom into it, and not a dumb digital zoom either. I’m definitely never going to buy the floodlight they have now because the fixed camera wouldn’t work where I live and my yard is so large that I currently use the brightest floodlights that I have been able to find. I personally think that Wyze as a company has lost it’s way. I mean seriously making vacuum cleaners, what do they have to do with cameras. They need to focus on what made them a company to start with.

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I agree. They can make all the vacuum cleaners they want. I just want the Pan v2 with floodlight option.

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