Wyze Floodlight v2 Ideas

Didn’t see one created yet…have seen suggestions on different posts… make them all here… who wants to start…

Some I have already seen:
Replaceable bulbs…incase of failure
Different colors
Color selectable bulbs

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Built in solar panel on each one. I would love to replace the two other ones I already have and add several more, but too expensive to have electrician come out for a junction box where we don’t have one already. My two current floodlights are solar powered, but would love to have Wyze ones to integrate and control with my other Wyze stuff.

Built in solar panels are convenient, but there are situations where one might wish to place the device isn’t a good option for getting direct sunlight.

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That is true, there might be, but it can be good to be able to place them where there is no electricity if you have sunlight. I have many places I can put them with sunlight. It would cost a fortune to have that many junction boxes put it. Cost prohibitive so I cannot use the floodlights. Not everyone will have electricity where they need it to be able to use the floodlights

When I said “built in” I meant as part of the housing, rather than those with solar panels that attach via a cable and can be placed remotely from the lights, such as this one:

I can see where both applications would be useful. It’s nice if you can put it on the corner of the house or something where it might get the sun it needs and you don’t have to attach an additional solar panel.
However if, as mentioned, the light has to be in a place where it doesn’t get enough sun on the housing, such as a carport where mine would be, or a typical roof overhang, then an auxiliary solar panel you can run a cable to would be great.
Either way, there’d have to be a battery that can hold the charge, and if Wyze could make some version of these things happen, it would allow people without the wiring, the ability to purchase and use more of these lights. Light up their yards like the rich folks and people not in houses built in the 1950s. :slightly_smiling_face:

Why isnt there a floodlight accessory for the outdoor cam

I am a new wyze cam owner. I purchased 2 of the outdoor cams which for reasons too extensive to summarize. For indoor use. However, i see a strong need and market for a flood light similar in appearance to that of the v3 floodlight. Being that most people who purchase the outdoor cam will most more than likely have them operating under poor if not any, lighting conditions. The light could be created in the same way the camera operates in that it would have a small rechargeable battery and motion sensor to trigger it.

Solar Panel for Wyze Cam Floodlight

Please make a solar panel for the floodlight! This will allow customers to use the floodlight without hooking it up to an electrical source.


This is a good idea but you can buy a solar powered floodlight at hardware stores already instead of having to wait on Wyze…

Also would it be just the floodlight accessory or the camera as well? Bc the camera that comes with the floodlight mount is a v3 and that needs to be connected to a power source , so maybe they could release an outdoor camera with the floodlight and a solar panel to recharge both the camera and the floodlight…? Good idea

Floodlight with Solar Panel Instead of Hard Wire

I currently have two solar panel flood lights that work great! Have you thought about creating the floodlight with solar panel instead of just hardwire? Awesome sauce!


Have they really lasted more than 2 years? I’ve never seen that happen.

Floodlight color temperature settings to allow us to change the color of the floodlights

Ability to change individual pir sensor zones

A bottom sensor , that can detect what’s below it

Better pir sensor !

Ability to change the color temperature of the floodlights

Wyze cam v3 pro floodlight

Wyze should release a new floodlight with the wyze cam v3 pro . Also this floodlight can come with some more integrations to the floodlight . Such as the ability to customize individual pir sensor zones , ability to change the color temperature of the floodlights , and a bottom sensor .

Let’s make this happen!!! :slight_smile:


Add Pan Cam with Floodlight

I would like to see the wyze floodlight be compatible with the pan cam. Many of these floodlights are mounted on corners of houses and are perfect for the new pan cam v3 to track.

Wyze Cam Floodlight using PAN V3 Camera

Can Wyze create a solution and preferable a bundle which uses a Pan V3 Camera instead of the regular fixed camera in a WyzeCam Floodlight? I would love this solution and purchase multiple for my customers.


Wyze floodlight with Pan V3

I think it would be incredibly beneficial to have a wyze floodlight with the new pan v3 camera to be able to cover more area for viewing/security.

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Cam Pan V3 with floodli6

Can you make the floodlight compatible with the Cam Pan V3? It would be nice to be able to pan and the entire area versus a fixed position.

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Would love the ability to adjust the color temperature of the floodlight as I am not a fan of the bright white and prefer more soft white.

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couldnt find any info on solar floodlight with camera, any ifo one if and when one will be coming out?

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