Cam pan v3 - not exactly 180 deg tilt… & other thoughts!

…Just got my pan cam 3.

4 things I’ve noticed so far:

  1. I’m not sure how they can say this has 180deg tilt - yes, technically the camera tilts up and down 180, but about 45 deg of that is obscured from view as the camera is actually pointing at its own base. I thought there might be a way to adjust the “connecting rod” in relation to the base to compensate for this but, unless I’m missing something, apparently not.

  2. I’m not crazy about the fact that when you turn it off in the app, it rotates to “privacy mode”. I’d prefer to be able to turn it off and leave it rest where it was last pointed.

  3. I think the speaker sound is quite low compared to other cameras.

  4. like the other newer cameras, the app no longer gives an easy to access option to turn off/on/auto night vision - it’s “buried” in advanced options…

Just my thoughts!

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Number 1 is a fair point. It should certainly be worded more clearly.
It more accurately basically covers up to 360 degrees on an X access and 315 degrees on a Y axis, but it will miss the bottom 45 degrees or so that is obstructed by the base.

Number 2 isn’t too big of a deal to me because when it turns on, it picks back up at the exact position it was pointed at when it turned off, so it’s essentially the same thing to me.

I haven’t really tested number 3 a lot and I think Wyze found that people were rarely changing their night vision settings manually, but even so, it wasn’t in the way of anything, so they could’ve just left it for the few people that did like to change it manually.

Good feedback. Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:


#1 is definitely annoying. I just set mine up a few minutes ago and had been hoping there was a way to get the base out of the way so you truly have a 180 degree FOV. But nope. They should make the side bracket move on the base just like it does on the top and enable at least a 270 degree rotation of the cam. Then you could mount the base on a wall and get a little more than a 180 FOV.

Mine are mounted with the base up so it covers all the areas I want to see, nothing straight up to see :upside_down_face: