Pan cam suggestions

Pan cam really loves my ceiling fans. Is there any way to limit its vertical tilt to cease its obsession. Also the camera seems to get shy if it notices motion that moves by too quickly. The camera will completely turn 180 degrees away from the direction of motion. If those two issues could be addressed pan cam would be almost perfect

Ha! I am absolutely noticing the shy side of Pan, too. After quick motion, it flees the scene with haste…

Also, turning on sound alerting is basically useless for me so far - other than to burn up AWS space every five minutes. It doesn’t recognize the sound of its own voice yet ;^)

Really like the new camera. Can’t wait for the firmware to catch up with its potential.

Oh, any chance it has enough microphones on it to locate sound and swivel around to it?

Keep being awesome, Wazers-


glad to be using the pan, yes everyone in my neighborhood quickly noticed the shy camera, when they would walk by the camera would start to follow then turn all the way and face the wall!. So much for a security system, my UPS and Fedex guys could be heard laughing at it and one called it cute. :(. One thing I would like to see is the auto pan be able to adjust the timing. Right now at 10seconds what I currently do is have 3 points set at the same location and 1 at the second place of interest. This means every 30 second it takes a quick look a the second location for 10 seconds. It would be nice if we could atleast adjust this global time (10 seconds) with the hopes of being able to just say how much time at each location.



mine also loves to lock on my sealing fan. HELP!!!


Need vertical software settings also