Pan V3 Freezing Up

I’ve owned this Pan Cam V3 for two months now, from Amazon, having gotten a refund for my old one.

It just goes to home position and stays there.

I’ve verified that the wire is not limiting it.

When I press the left or right arrows I just get a message that I’ve reached the End.

Up and down does work

I’ve tried to physically move it so the speaker side is facing the house. But that doesn’t work either.

I’ve power-cycled the camera, the phone app, reset the position in the app and physically,
restarted the camera in the app.

It’s only two months old…it shouldn’t be doing this.

Any help would be appreciated!

Bad idea. Physically rotating the cam can potentially cause damage by over rotating past the mechanical stops, stressing the travel wires, and causing issues with the cam not being able to calibrate on the next startup.

I had PanV3 that was exhibiting the same behavior. It eventually died altogether and was replaced under warranty.

I know I did not break it because I just went till it stopped

It goes up and down, but not left and right…before I started messing with it

Customer Service Warranty Replacement & RMA

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I’m trying to avoid that right now. I just returned a Pan V3 when I got this one.

I’m expecting 1gig fiber to be installed next week.

I’m hoping it’s only a bandwidth problem. I’m only getting about 75Mbs with Cable. 1gig fiber will kick it up a notch…or three…or a hundred lol

If there’s still a problem after that then I’ll kick the problem up the support ladder.

Thank you for all the help SlabSlayer!

I am hoping it helps also. That is quite slow. But I have my doubts. If you can manipulate the vertical tilt axis but not the horizontal pan axis, it isn’t a good sign.

Does the cam Track Motion on both axis?

While playing around with it it will track and follows movement.

It’s quite odd

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75 Mbs should not be an issue for a Pan Cam V3.

My internet service is 80 Mbs (nothing faster is available), and I have been running 18 wyze cameras (1 Pan Cam v2, 2 Pan Cam v3, 4 wyze OG cams, 3 V2 cams, the rest are V3 cams (3 with spotlights)), 15 Wyze indoor plugs, 3 wyze outdoor pugs, 4 wyze color bulbs, 20 wyze white bulbs, wyze floodlight, wyze garage door controller, wireless Brinks alarm cams, 2 blink cams, 10 other brand smart plugs, 10 or so Alexa devices, smart sprinkler controller, several wireless roku/fire tv streaming devices, a number of other wireless smart devices, etc, for several years, and they all work fine, locally and remotely across the country.

Check the power supply. It may not be getting enough power, especially if it is on a longer than normal power cord - the Pan Cam V3 needs more power than the normal 1A power supply the other cams use, and comes with a 2A supply. A few people have reported bad power supplies.


Are you able to look in your router settings and pull an RSSI value on the signal strength to that cam?

Or use a utility app to measure the ping return?

One of the reasons why I think it’s about bandwidth is when the camera spins around 180 degrees to face the backyard it will freeze up, sometimes so long that it will already be facing the street by the time it starts transmitting again.

It’s always been that way, even with my old Pan V3.

I’ve had to use an extra long cable though to reach almost to the ground. I might try using a shorter cable, if I can find one for the Pan Cam with the 90 degree connector



You may be having a power shortage issue. But, I am running two of my panV3 on USB Extensions without any power loss issues.

One is running from the Power Adapter thru a 20 foot microUSB extension to a microUSB to USB A Adapter then into the stock cam power cord.

The second is running from the Power Adapter thru a 20 ft USB A extension to the stock cam power cord.

RSSI - Ping

Depending on the features of your router, if you have access to your WiFi Router Admin Panel, it should tell you the signal strength that each device is experiencing. RSSI is the measure used to quantify Signal Strength which is affected by distance, interference, and barriers (brick, concrete, steel, walls, etc). 0 is perfect, -72 is crap.

Ping is the speed a packet is sent to the cam and back. It is an indicator of how fast data gets from your phone, thru the router, to the cam, and back. It is measured in milliseconds. I use an App called Analiti Speed Test WiFi Analyzer to scan every device on my network and then to tell me what the ping speed is. The slower it is, the worse the signal strength and reception.

These are good indicators for the general performance of your WiFi network and coverage. You can gauge how far your router is effectively throwing signal and how well placed your cams are. If you have one cam that is acting up and it has values worse than one working well, it gives you an indication that it is your network, not the cam.

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I don’t know why I forgot about Ping.

I used to run IRC servers back when I owned unrealnews dot com, where ping was everything lol


I went up there and forced the camera to look towards the street.

I was able to get three way-points configured and the camera was moving left and right.


When I clicked the blank 4th way-point, so I can face it to the backyard, the camera moved to the “home” position, facing the wall and it stopped working.

So, I know the motor is working but there’s something keeping the camera to perform normally

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When you were setting the Waypoints, did you have Pam Scan or Tracking Enabled? Try setting your 4 waypoints with Pan Scan and Tracking disabled so that you aren’t fighting against the natural scan progression. Then enable it after they are set.

Yes. I always turn those off, for that very reason.

I think it all leads back to lack of bandwidth, though.

I dug into my router and, using the MAC Address, I was able to correlate the router listing of devices to what the cameras are. I then updated the name in the router to reflect it is the Pan Cam.

Seems it is only getting two bars

I can’t wait for the fiber to get installed lol

That may be the issue. More bandwith isn’t going to help that if you maintain the same WiFi router after the switch. You might want to test it by moving the cam closer to the router or vice versa just to see if it alleviates the issue. If it does, you will know that it is a local network issue that needs a stronger WiFi broadcast signal or installation of an Extender.

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That’s the thing with the potential new set up with fiber.

We’ll be paying a little extra by using their router and a couple Mesh extenders.

The low B/W also explains why the camera freezes when it swings around from looking out to the street to 180 degrees to the backyard.

Funny thing too is that the Cam Pro 2K is right next to the Pan Cam V3, yet the 2K camera has full bars.

Very good. Mesh is the ticket. With extenders you should get much better coverage.

Many here in the forum have done the “paying extra to rent equipment from the ISP” calculations. All of them highly recommend buying your own equipment rather than renting. The break even payoff is usually less than 12 months. My ISP provides the fiber ONT for free, I bought my own mesh routers to avoid the rental of WiFi.

That is both expected and a good sign your V3Pro is working.

It was designed and manufactured with a stronger antaenna inside to accommodate the 2K Video.

I already have the potential for a mesh system.

Along with my Asus RT-AX88U Gaming router I bought the below router for extending the range.

I still can’t figure out how to set up the AIMesh system though.

It’s supposed to be easy…yea, right

Sorry, never employed an ASUS system. Not sure if their different routers are mesh linkable together or if it takes equipment compatible to each.