Wyze Pan Cam v3 vertical rotation response in the app

I received my PCV3 last week and so far I love it. The only issue I have is the manual rotation feature used in the app. When I move it vertically in one direction, I have to tap the opposite direction 4 times before it begins to move in that direction. Is this a known issue or is there something possibly wrong with this individual camera?

I tap up one time > the camera moves up one tick
I tap down one time > nothing happens
I tap down second time > nothing happens
I tap down third time > nothing happens
I tap down forth time > nothing happens
I tap down fifth time > the camera moves down one tick

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Do a slightly longer tap. The amount of pan/tilt movement is directly related to the length of time your finger presses the up/down/right/left icons. Also, the app does not support “stacking” of taps.

Thank you for your response. I retested and longer tap does not matter unless I just hold down. Even then there is a delay between activating and the cam responding.

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It doesn’t seem to respond to commands very well, the little joystick buttons are pretty finicky. I would prefer an actual joystick where you can drag

…same here…

Just noticed that its much worse from my iPad compared to Android…