Cam Pan Can't Tilt Up

Has anyone else had an issue with the Tilt feature? I can tilt down (if I manually rotate the lens up on the unit) but the app controls will not tilt it back up. I hear the motor whirling and the app says it’s “at the end”, but it remains tilted down. I have contacted the company, I’m just wondering if anyone has run in to this and been able to fix it themselves.
Edit: When I reset the positioning, so that it pans and tilts to it’s extremes it tilts up!! But When I use the app ‘UP’ control or try to just use my finger to swipe when it’s full screen it still won’t tilt up! Super frustrating

On the chance the app is corrupted, you might try deleting and reinstalling the app. But more likely it’s a bad motor or sensor in the camera. If it needs to be replaced, then you’ll need to wait for Wyze support to respond.