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I have shortcuts set up in the Wyze app to turn off/on notifications for my cameras when I need to do so temporarily. If turn off notifications in the Android app, I still get Person detection notifications on my linked Alexa devices. It doesn’t seem to stop Person detection announcements from my Alexa devices (Echo dots & echo Show). I have to manually go into the Alexa app and disable Person detection for the cameras in question.

Is this expected behavior, or am I doing something wrong? Is there a better way to temporarily pause ALL notifications?

It is expected behavior as that is the way it currently works.

The Alexa App is monitoring for Person tagged Event Uploads to your account, not Person Notifications sent. When you mute your Cam Push Notifications or the App Push Notifications, the Motion Event is still uploaded to your account, tagged as Person, and Alexa still sees it.

When I mute my Cam Notifications using an Alexa Voice Command Routine, one option I have found useful is to add an action line that places my Echo Dots in Do Not Disturb mode. This prevents the dots from announcing Person Detections while the Cam Push Notifications are muted. When I turn the push notifications back on via another Voice Command Routine, the DND goes back off. It is a bit overkill as it silences all incoming Dot announcements and notifications, but I really don’t get that many so I am not missing much.

When I mute my Cam Notifications using an Alexa Voice Command Routine…

Can you walk me through how you muted Cam Notifications using an Alexa Voice Command Routine?

I tried creating an Alexa routine, but when I selected a camera under actions it said something like not supported for this device.

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I had to work around Alexa’s inability to action Cams or Cam settings by using a relay device.

I have a Wyze Plug named “Cam Notifications”. Nothing is plugged into it. It is just sitting there plugged into one of my power strips with the 5 other Wyze Plugs I use strictly for Automation Relays with Alexa.

  1. “Alexa, Turn Off Cam Notifications Plug for 10 Minutes” (for example)
  2. Wyze Rule: When Cam Notifications Plug turns Off, turn Off Notifications on Cam A, Cam B, Cam C, etc. (or Cam Group A, Cam Group B, Cam Group C).
  3. Wyze Rule: When Cam Notifications Plug turns On, turn On Notifications on Cam A, Cam B, Cam C, etc. (or Cam Group A, Cam Group B, Cam Group C).
  4. Alexa Routine: when Cam Notifications Plug Turns Off, place all Alexa Speakers in DND (keeps Alexa from verbalizing notifications while cam notifications are off)
  5. Alexa Routine: when Cam Notifications Plug Turns On, turn off DND on Alexa Speakers.


I consider myself an amateur tech geek, but I would have never come up with a workaround like that. Genius!

Using smart plugs as logic relays. I can imagine using lots of them to build virtual AND gates. OR gates, flipflops, and shift registers! With several hundred we could replicate an 8086 microprocessor. :grinning:

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That’s actually an easy one. Once I figured out that the Wyze Plug was the perfect bridge relay since it has simple on\off triggers and actions on both sides of the ecosystem gap, I was off to the races.

You should see the Rube Goldberg domino series I use to Arm and Disarm my HMS by voice command: Alexa, Wyze Plug, Wyze Cam, Push Notification, MacroDroid Macro, Wyze Plug, Wyze Rule, Another Wyze Cam, another push notification, and another MacroDroid Macro for a positive feedback check loop… For each of the three modes.

In reality, if I have an extra Wyze Plug, I can get Alexa to do any action in the Wyze Rule engine and then some that aren’t in there by using MacroDroid. It has the ability to send Webhook Smart Button triggers back to Alexa.

Even better is that, if you really wanted, you can use any Wyze device that has an on\off trigger on each side… like Wyze Bulbs or Switches. They are all essentially Smart Buttons with other benefits.

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Do you have any write-ups, tutorials, or videos? I’ve been using macrodroid for a while now (someone on this forum pointed me to that app- maybe it was you!) And I’m loving it. I never thought about a plug for Wyze, only for macrodroid. Rules within Wyze could be much easier, but then my head spins when I think about rules and macros in different apps and what’s controlling what…

I have posted some macros here in the forum in Share MacroDroid Macros for Wyze IoT and uploaded some templates to MacroDroid’s share, but haven’t really dedicated any time to anything else. I also have a couple posts in Tips & Tricks.

Most of my Wyze Rule \ Alexa Routine \ MacroDroid Macro integration choreography is trial and error to get the right flow and can get very Rube Goldbergish. I just changed phones and have recently been forced to update all my macros using UI touch macros. To add an additional layer of feedback, many of my macros also throw a Webhook Push that is a trigger button in Alexa routines.

But, if you have any questions… don’t hesitate to DM me.

Thank you! I’m guessing you’re the one I’m following on macrodroid as well. Now I have so many ideas that I need to get them down on paper and map them out so I don’t get lost. Thank you again!

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It is possible, I have been so busy this year I haven’t had the time to upload any more templates. I am fiddling with the macros getting them right all the time though… 138 and counting.

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