Cam Plus Lite Person Detection and Alexa Announcement-->Disable?

Now that I felt forced to invoke CPL to retain the 12-second videos, how do I get Alexa to NOT announce detections? I see no settings whatsoever for this in either app and this is SO unwanted.

In order for Alexa to Announce you need to have the Skill enabled, which I am sure you do. and the create a routine to do the announcement or set announcement on the actual device.

You can check as follows:

  • Go to the Alexa App,
  • Go to Devices
  • Go to Tap on Camera’s
  • Tap the Camera in questions
  • v2 Camera - Check to see if you have the Person Detection Announcement turned on


  • Tap on More, bottom right
  • Tap on Routines
  • check each routine for announcing Camera.

“Person Detection Announcements” is grayed out in the Alexa app and beneath it, it states “In order to enable this feature you may need to upgrade your Wyze plan.”
I might add that since I can’t make it stop, it’s not only announcing on EVERY Alexa device in my house, but, also, it does it at 3:30 in the morning when it’s a cat coming through the cat door, not a person (one wouldn’t fit!)

I would reach out to Wyze to find out then, also open a ticket as well:

phone: (206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 4 am - 8 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT, or online:

If you have Person Detection off, not sure why you are being notified.

Did you turn off Notifications in general in the App?

Uninstall the Wyze Alexa skill. Reinstall it if you need it for other purposes (Echo Show viewing for example). See if that helps. Otherwise just leave it out.

Going back into the Alexa app and…the Person Detection Announcement is no longer grayed out and the message below it is gone. Like, it’s now accessible to turn off. W-T-F?

Has anyone figured this out? One of my cameras used to get announced from Alexa but doesn’t anymore. I have a lite subscription.