How to disable person detection announcement on Alexa echo dot but continue on Echo Show

Every time some movement happens in front of the camera, Alexa announces on all devices. I just want to disable the announcement on all devices except the echo show. Please help.

When you create the routine-giving the trigger and actions and use the Alexa Says Action- you will be given the option of selecting the device or group of devices the response comes from.

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Thanks tomp
I did not create any routine for this announcement. When I signed up for Wyze camera service , it automatically started. Even there is no automatically routine in Alexa :frowning:

That one I don’t understand. I would try disabling and re-enabling the Wyze skill under your Alexa app and checking your Alexa routines to see what you have there that might be causing it
When you say this,

what exactly do you mean by “signed up for service”?

I added Wyze Cam Plus to one of my camera

It’s not just for routines. You can make the same limits on targets under Alexa app, Devices, Cameras, camera name. Announcement Devices.

This is the same for me. I cannot disable the person detection as it’s greyed out in the alexa app. I’ve completely reset my alexa to factory settings and i thought it stopped but it didnt. I have unsynced Wyze from my alexa app and the person detection notifications are still going off and the button is still greyed out.

How do i stop person detection notification on an echo show?

You can try changing the devices for announcements. Just above the toggle for person detection under the camera settings is an option to select specific devices.

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Also, after making an Alexa change always give it a day or so to percolate. Alexa is fickle that way.

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