Notifications in Alexa

I’m new to alexa. Has it always been like this if you remove notifications in the Wyze app and still get notifications in alexa? I have to close my alexa speakers if I don’t want to receive them for a certain period. I know I can remove them by going to each of my cameras in alexa but that’s too long. By disabling notifications in Wyze, it would be better not to receive them in alexa.

Edit: I’m on 2.43.0(5) beta…


Alexa Person notifications and Routine Triggers are triggered by Uploaded and Tagged Person Events, not by the Wyze Notification for Person Events. If the Cam Notifications are turned off, there is still an uploaded and tagged Person Event. Wyze won’t send a push notification, but Alexa will still see that an upload was tagged Person and execute the announcement and any routines using Person Detection as a trigger. The only way to stop this is to stop the upload or tagging.


Thanks a lot.:slightly_smiling_face: