Alexa person notification no longer working

So none of my cameras are now working with Alexa person notification. In fact I’m unable to turn them off or
On in Alexa app at all. This only happened after I updated my cameras. Yes my cameras are up to date, yes I have Wyze connected to my Alexa app, yes I have notifications turned on in the wyze app. Yes I have smart detections on. I’ve done all the trouble shooting I can think of. Even turned the cameras off and back on, reset them

I recently ran in this issue as well when I deleted one of my cameras from my list and added it back. The Alexa app mentioned that person detection was disabled in the Wyze app even though it’s not.

  1. Go into Event Recordings > select All Motion Events > select Smart Detection Events
  2. Go in to Smart Detections > toggle off and on “Person”
  3. Check back into the Alexa app to see if Person notification is available for each camera.