2 Simple Alexa Commands

It would be very useful to be able to enable and turn off both the motion detection and the notification features of our Wyze Cams. As it is now it is sort of a paint to do so and involves multiple screens and clicks on my ios device. If I am going to be doing something in the back yard I turn off motion detection so I don’t get unnecessary recordings. At bed time I also regularly turn off notifications so my phone isnt dinging at me in the middle of the night. Being able to tell Alexa would speed up this process!!!

I agree, that would actually make the Alexa integration useful.


But doesn’t your phone’s normal night DND mode stop these alerts? It does on my iPhone. I don’t turn them off at night. But I would like to, as you noted, say “turn off notifications for the back yard camera” as I walk outside.



Yes. just added my Wyze Pan Cam to Alexa for this purpose and found that it doesn’t have a command to turn on and off push notifications. Bummer. Wyze, please addd this. Can’t be that hard.