Is there a way to have one camera or motion sensor give notifications and not others during my sleep time?

I have about four cameras with cam plus. I may add a fifth camera, and I might add a motion sensor who’s notifications I want to handle differently and not be silenced.

On my iPhone with the Wyze app I have the do not disturb turned on. I do not allow the Wyze app to wake me since I do not include it in the apps under the iphone focus setting.

Is there a way to have maybe a new camera or motion sensor alert me while my phone is on do not disturb while I’m sleeping in the case of perhaps some event? If I add the Wyze app to the apps allowed under focus, then I will get all notifications from all cameras.

I do have indeed a few Amazon echoes.

I don’t have the iphone silenced with the side button.

And I do have the focus set up so that certain people can text message or call me in case of emergency during my sleeping hours.

Or maybe I might be forced to link those new devices in Alexa and have an Alexa routine alert me in the room that I sleep. This is the only solution I can think of since you can’t control the camera notifications separately like in my Yolink app.

Any recommendations or tricks are welcome .
Thank you very much

With the amazon devices and Cam Plus you could set a routine for specific cameras to alert you of person detection on the amazon device only keeping your phone is focus mode.

The Alexa solution I knew and was thinking of and I certainly appreciate your kind response.

I wonder if there’s a way to just have a select camera send an SMS to my phone or alert me somehow without adding the Wyze app to the apps allowed during do not disturb.

however, I think not.

Every Wyze cam and device with notification capabilities can be scheduled within Rules to turn off Push Notifications during specific hours.

Unfortunately, this wouldn’t stack the notifications on the phone for you to review later after the DND is off because this will prevent the notification from triggering altogether. But, it will allow you to choose which devices can notify you if you add the Wyze App to the DND exclusion list.

I have the Wyze app added to the DND list. Are you stating then that if I shut off notifications for certain cameras that they will still show up in the event list but not give me a screen or sound notification?

I guess the only problem I see with that is if I go out somewhere and want to be notified of events, even when not in the DND mode, then I would have to flip those other camera notifications back on.??

Thank you very much

Yes. Using a Rule, you can schedule for notifications on that cam to be turned off at a specific Start time and then back on at the End time. The Events will still upload, be tagged by the AI Engine if applicable, and show in the Events tab.

I use this regularly when I am doing Yard Work. I turn off the Cam Notifications for specific cams so it isn’t constantly pinging my phone. But it uploads all the Event videos during that time.

Here is an example of that Schedule Rule for a single cam, you can add as many cams or sensors as you like:

To allow for this, you can create a rule as a Shortcut Rule rather than a Schedule Rule. You have two options… First, leave the schedule rule in place and then create one Shortcut Rule that you can tap manually once to turn all the cam notifications back on. Second, create two Shortcut Rules for the Cam notifications, one OFF, and one ON. You would need to press them manually every night to activate them though. Or, you can have all three. An automatic Schedule Rule and a manual ON\OFF Shortcut Rules to tap ON when you go out late and to turn OFF when you get back.

The only drawback to doing this is that when the notifications are off, the phone gets no notifications for the history. Many folks who use DND like to see the stack of Wyze Notifications in their Notifications Tray in the morning. Doing it this way, only those cams you want to wake you up will be in the tray as you would exclude the Wyze App from the DND.

Cool. Thank you so very much . I do have some shortcuts to turn cameras on and off , all and sometimes just 3 of the 4. So I guess I can have a shortcut rule that has notifications on for lets say 1 camera and off for all others. Or any combo if all, a few, none on or off. I guess I could have a schedule rule like I have now that turns ALL cameras on at a certain time including indoor kitchen camera. And perhaps if it will allow another schedule rule or part of that schedule that turns all notifications off except for 1 camera.


Thanks, great help!!

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Yes. Your rules can be as creative as you need them to be. Just be sure to not create conflicting rules.