Cable ISP + 2 Google WiFi Mesh Network Nodes + 5 WyzeCams : Connectivity Issues

Log files have been submitted.

Please advise.

I attempted to attach them to the ticket I already created, however, I never received a response from WyzeCam. Therefore, I was unable to do so.

Thank you. Our tech team will review the logs.

What is your camera firmware number ? is it 102 ?

When it is disconnected, what is the status light ? flashing blue ? or flashing yellow blue ?

I have not been able to reliably reproduce the issue. I was thinking firewall and Dos was the issue, but with additional testing… I am not so sure now. Still working on it…

Yes, it’s 102. Blue flashing light.

Is there a way to flash the original firmware back onto the wyzecam?


Are the log files readable? Can you let me know when I can anticipate the log files will be reviewed?

Please advise.

Hi Trialaccountckw, Our support team will get back to you. They are processed in the order they received and depends on the severity of the issue, it may take a while. Thanks for you patience and understanding.

No public way to flash it back. However, I have tested with previous firmwares ( although not the very original ), and with this specific router, the previous firmware has chance to be flashing blue too. So using original firmware not likely to resolve the issue.

I got a hold of a second brand new camera and I didn’t update the firmware. It’s currently running firmware and today’s day 3 with no issue. I reset the previous one running .102 the same day I had this new one running so let’s see how long they will go before it disconnects.

So, with a Asus AC68U, you’re encountering the same disconnecting issues?

I’m also having an issue with one camera (I have 2) in particular, dropping off. I have rebooted my appliance to see if this will reconnect everything.

However, this is happening too often that I’d like.

updating… day 4 the cam with firmware 102 cannot connect… blue flashing light…

the cam with the .32 is still connected

The 102 firmware disconnected again last night while the 32 is still connected on day 7. If there’s a way for me to flash back to previous firmware to test the camera, I’m willing to do this… If it’s my router, I would expect the .32 firmware camera to have disconnected by now. I don’t know what the differences are between the two firmwares, but I don’t see any changes to the way they operate with the exception of one disconnecting every 2-3 days.

it seems my option is to just return the one with the 102 firmware to amazon and buy another one and just not upgrade the firmware… I can’t use a camera that disconnects every 2-3 days…

last attempt… I setup an old linksys WRT54GL router as a bridge to my asus ac66u and connected the 102 firmware camera to the linksys router. Lets see how long the 102 will last on that router. If it doesn’t disconnect then I can update the firmware on the 32 firmware cam and move that camera onto the old router as well… the things you do to get tech working.


Can you quantify “a while”? It has been a week, to date.

At the very least, may I have confirmation they received the files and they are able to read them?

I am having the same issue. there are days when it stays disconnected and then gets connected, works for a day or two and then gets disconnected for a day or two.

As a test try limiting your wifi speed to just 54Mbs. The setting will be in different menus for different routers. Some have an menu item for supporting b/g/n protocols or 54/145/300Mbs speeds. Try changing it to G only or 54Mbs to see if the connectivity improves for the problem cameras.

One other test is to reserve IP addresses in the DHCP of the router. Again, it will be different menus for different model routers. Essentially, you can reserve the IP addresses that each device gets on the network. Try reserving just the Wyzecams’ IP addresses to see if the connection issues go away.

Lastly, have you tested with a multimeter the electrical output of the sockets to which the Wyzecam’s power adapter is plugged? Have you tried switching the camera that stays connected with the one that disconnects? Leave the same power adapter & cable in place, but put the problem camera in the location of the good camera.

Please reply back if any of those suggestions work.

We checked your logs. All of them didn’t get an IP from DHCP. Obviously they won’t work after that. I am confident it was because of the mesh type network. Likely the IP was released after a period and then couldn’t be renewed. Can you check if your router has any settings related to DHCP release time? We will also try to repro on our side (the log is not enough to tell why IP got lost)

Is there any way the user can review the WyzeCam v1 log file themselves? When I opened the log file in a text editor, it appear the file was binary. Please advise.

The Google WiFi iOS app that manages the Google WiFi physical hardware does not provide the user the ability to modify the lease time of an IP address assigned via DHCP.

Is it possible to assign a static IP to the WyzeCam v1? Should I take this as a troubleshooting step?

  1. For security and privacy reason, we have the firmware log file encrypted. Even I won’t be able to read them. Only devs can read them

  2. I don’t have a Google WiFi in hand now. I remember last time I checked all settings carefully but didn’t recall any setting for DHCP release time. However another customer said he manually assigned an IP to our camera via Google Wifi everything started to work perfectly. I will check with that customer how he did it.

  3. Our cameras can’t take static IP

I will update once I hear back from the customer. We will keep working on it. Thanks!