Cable ISP + 2 Google WiFi Mesh Network Nodes + 5 WyzeCams : Connectivity Issues

From that customer, he manually assigned IP for his cameras and seems solved the problem. I think that is worth a try.

WyzeR or LikeWyze,
The cameras that we have been troubleshooting are at what I will call Location A. However, I am now at Location B, and I am encountering identical symptoms, i.e. loss of connectivity.

Location A and B both have the same:

Number of Google WiFi Nodes in the Local Network
Internet Service Provider
Almost the Same Geographic Location

That said, at Location B, I have taken the following actions:

updated the firmware on the v1 camera
updated to the latest iOS app
set the camera’s MAC address to be assigned to a specific static IP

The camera is unable to stay connected to the local network. The Google WiFi mesh node is roughly 5-6 steps away from the camera.

I’m bumping this thread my cams are back to having this issue. So, with the recent firmware, I was initially having the issue where the app would say getting data (3/3) and keep getting stuck. Since, then I’ve factory reset the router and now I don’t get that error, but the cam is now back to getting stuck with the blue flash light and says connection failed -90. From the other thread someone pointed out that the MAC address has changed and my Asus AC66U shows the same, the camera that stops working had the MAC address all of a sudden change and perhaps the app cannot recognize the camera?

The firmware was updated a couple of days ago to That is likely beta firmware but you should give it a try.

try unplugging the power one more time with your current cameras having issues. I noticed with the latest firmware and a power reset of the camera things are working much better now for me and my 4 cameras on me Eero network