Bright light captured at night. Reflection off a pic odd

Nope there are no windows. It’s across from the tv. That’s what made it so freaky. Plus we don’t have cable. If the tv were to pop on it would be a little island background until we turned the Xbox or something on. Which makes the figure even more odd. No way to see the neighbors. The kitchen is next to the room with a sliding door but we have blackout curtains and the reflection isn’t at an angle to hit that picture.

It’s near the front but there is a sliding door in the kitchen that’s not at an angle to reflect off of that picture. Super odd. So I really don’t know.

Also if anything were to be seen in off to the side sliding door in the kitchen area it would be huge fence that’s between our house and neighbors. No porch eligible to be seen

You must have the best behaved baby in the world to have this much free time to worry about this video clip. :slight_smile:

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She’s actually pretty good lol. Especially for our first baby. Like I said it’s weird but I’m going to just ignore the camera so I don’t get too wrapped or worried about any other unexplainable clips. My hubby doesn’t want to move the camera so I’ll just ignore this particular one lol.

Because then late night snack time would have to end! Jk, I dunno! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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If he does not want to move it, get another camera and put it in that room to see what is going on. You can also put motion sensors in the entry spots to see if someone triggers those as well.

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Shows the cookie jar sensor right on the Wyze Sense shop page.


Great, more reflections. :wink:


This thread was so much fun I had to reply. Maybe you had twins? Look for another child stuffed under the sofa. LOL Great mystery. Add another camera to the mix so we can spot the poltergeist. 25.00 bucks. SD cards 8.00 bucks. Let’s solve this.