Bright light captured at night. Reflection off a pic odd

So I have a camera set up in my living room on top of the bar facing the front door if anyone tries to break in. Leads to my family room. Any who. Camera went off the other night. When I looked at the video it wasn’t from the living room but through the door leading into my family took a super bright light and when you zoom in to the doorway there is a odd reflection off of one of the pics in the room. Husband tried to say it was the porch light but it can’t be the porch light when the window didn’t light up. Trying not to freak out. I would upload the clip but it says I can’t. #ask-the-community #iphone 8

@Mods able to assist? We’ll see if the mods can up your trust level so you can post the video.

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@mwj I have bumped up your forum trust level. You should now be able to post the video. Might be good to also post a clip of the “normal” view.


Thank you so much for the bump up. First a regular picture. I leave those star lights on sometimes cause I saw a weird streak of light about a month Back and it just makes me feel better.

Now here’s the video. You can see through the doorway from the prior pic the regular light from the porch Light. This clip was 2:39 am Saturday morning. What is the freakiest part is when you zoom into the doorway to the pic on the wall. I’m staying as positive as possible lol cause we can’t afford to move lol

I see movement on what looks like the bottom portion of a frame (the area I am referencing is notated by the red line on the following pic).

Is it the light, or the light and the movement that you are worried about? Was that the room light that turned on, or is there another source of IR from another camera or something in that you that illuminated it?

Looks like you need another wyzecam in that other room. :slight_smile:

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Hello. Both concerned me. No light could’ve turned on unless the TV turned or it does something weird with IR but it’s not even that bright when it’s turned on but it’s lit up like that before without the movement so I just ignored it last time. Movement is what truly freaked me out.

Right I told my husband I wanted to put this camera in there right in front of the tv but he doesn’t want me to move it.

Are any of your children old enough to get out of bed in the middle of the night and access that room through another door and turn a light on? Are there any touch lamps in there that could have activated by a pet, or power surge? I see the motion in the video, it’s sort of looks like a squirrel peeking in a window but if that’s a picture frame maybe it’s a reflection of one of the kids across the room???

What window? I don’t see any. Are there motion activated lights on your or a neighboring house?

You can’t see it but next to the recliner there is a side window next to the recliner you can see in the doorway that sometimes the porch light gets activated but it looks totally different.

No children old enough. We have a baby less than a year old and no pets. Right across from that picture frame is the TV. Very weird, we have a swag lamp middle of the room but it’s turned on by a switch.

I enjoy trying to figure this stuff out, so bare with me here, science is to follow.

Only the camera in night vision mode can see “IR” lights. I think due to the camera being in night vision mode, any illumination will look brighter than it actually is. So what ever did turn on, did illuminate the room some. Alright, fasten your seat belts. Science!

Unedited photo for comparison and a control.

Now the edited photo where i will refer back to:

Green box: what the camera trigger on to as “motion” when the room illuminated.

Red box. This is what i believe to be a direct light coming from the source, shining onto the double doors. I believe this because when the light turns on, you can see a sharp edge in the light just to the left of the door handles on the double door running up on the left door. I believe this is from the (on our right) edge of the door frame you see when looking at the recliner. Just above the double doors it appears as the direct light has an edge or corner, which looks like the upper corner of the open doorway meaning that the light source in the back room is not on the ceiling, its lower than that, midwall? Is the TV mounted on the back wall in the back room or is the window there?

Purple box: reflection of some pretty good movement, which looks like a direct reflection of something on the back wall maybe halfway up the wall. Again, is that where the TV is mounted? or is there a window there?

Yellow box: Looks like some indirect reflection or very diffused light happens here through maybe a doorway on the other side of the display case. Very soft lighting, maybe a reflection off the other side of the wall from where the stary lights are hanging.

Id like to see a photo of the room from the open doorway where the recliner is, of the back wall of that small room. I think the light source is on the back wall in the back room, somewhere near the where light blue box is.

You can unbuckle your seatbelts now… :slight_smile:


I love that post. :slight_smile:

Maybe the TV rebooted, or a DVR pause ran out.

Ok you got my mild racing. No window in that room. It’s the tv not mounted on the wall. It’s on a stand. The yellow box is a door way that leads into our dining room. Pics coming of the room now in the day light. You will see that the tv is across from the pics where that crazy movement happened.


But of course all windows were closed and no window across from the back wall with the recliner and pics. Just the tv

I’m assuming tv rebooted, I’ve seen this bright light before on the camera but never the movement on the pic in the back which brought me here

Test this by turning off all the lights to the rooms, turn on the tv and then live view the camera and Turn night vision mode off. Can you see the colors of the tv on the wall by the double doors and the tv through that wall picture? If it’s to blown out, turn the living room light on and then see if you can see the tv in the picture frame.

I mean, obviously, my thought was that the TV turned on and that the "figure* was a reflection of the TV action.

But that view of the sliding glass door worries me. The way the light came on does not seem like a passing car or plane, and if you don’t have backyard motion lights…

I don’t think the sliding glass door was the culprit because that looks to be in the same room as the camera, just off to the left of the frame edge. See the table and chairs, and the wall picture. If the light came through that way, the left side of the room would of been way lit up.

My guess is still the tv. Or someone getting a late night after birthday snack in the kitchen over here:

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You’re pretty good at the whole “3 dimensions” thing. :slight_smile:

I hadn’t even figured out it was the same table and chairs. Thanks.

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