Tricks played on camera

Does anybody know how a person would white themselves completly out using light tricks on the camera. I know someone is behind the big white area because its not usually there all the time. I also see my wife disappear into it sometimes while helping him get past the cams. I thought about cctv but they r hardwired and cant easily move them around. I tried recording without connecting to the internet and still get same results. It’s getting very frustrating bc I just want to I’d this guy and finally have the proof I need. I’ve been doing this for months and am going crazy. Any advice is appreciated

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Can you post a picture or video of your issue happening? Is it in night mode when this occurs, IR glare?

Is this ONLY at night?

I don’t suppose your camera is inside the house, is pointing outside through a window, and this is occurring at night? (This would be IR glare).

Also, any reflective surfaces that are in the camera’s line of sight?

Any lights that are are opposite the camera, shining directly towards the camera?

Wow I hope you really get the answer you need.

Pointing a flashlight at the camera would blind them, if that is what you mean.

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I’m amazing somebody knows how to do that

I bought some highly reflective tape to put on my door handles and locks, for when the IR LEDs are on - allows me to easily confirm the door is locked (2), or see if someone tries the handle (1) from the outside.

While testing the tape, if I got close to the camera, it reflected so well that it was bright bright white and everything else was black. Maybe you have someone with highly reflective clothing, reflecting back your IR night vision LEDs?


No I have seen it at night and day. They are also jamming my wifi so that the camera picks up a bunch of static
stead of clear sound that i normally have when they aren’t there

TIny spider webs mostly.

Come again? If they are truly “jamming”, that is highly illegal to have that kind of equipment to do that (and it isn’t sold anyplace), and it wouldn’t cause static sounds.

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This topic has gone off the rails. I don’t think anyone can help you any further without you posting a LOT more details including sample screen captures or videos. The claims being made are difficult to understand and seem wildly improbable, without some kind of proof.

You may also be better served by contacting Wyze support.

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Yea, I was tempted to respond that this smells a bit like a troll … “jamming my wifi” … “static” … and questionable user photo … a lot of “vague” with no examples

Here is a pic of normal and not normal. I couldn’t figure out how to post it on forum.


What about it is off? Top one looks normal to me, just suffering from trying to expose hard light (hallway light straight into camera lens), very dark room. The camera can’t expose the picture equally making the light be blown out and the darks underexposed. Now add that in the top pic, it looks like there are objects very close to the camera lens, now if the IR s were to be enabled and on, those would be very bright in the foreground, and the background (everything else) would be super underexposed.

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The top image is a high contrast scene and anything passing across or passing from or towards will not be identifiable. It’s best to NOT have a light source shining towards the camera.

You wrote, "I know someone is behind the big white area " … which suggest you don’t know the person, but this appears to be in you residence, so one would assume you’d know anyone who might pass by a camera. The “big white area” is the hallway light.

You want that background light OFF and use the IR lights, or put a light source BEHIND the camera

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How about this one. This video the whiteness grows. Never had it lights turned on at these times

2CAA8E59E37E131583175739.mp4 (1.33 MB)

Looks the same, the camera is aimed in a direction of both hard bright light and darkness/shadows. The light is blown out, as evident with the sun light through the window, causing the frame to not be exposed evenly.

Work on the framing of your shots. Try up high, looking downward, with light sources behind the camera as much as possible. Don’t mount it where other objects are directly in front of the camera. I see in both pictures, whatever is in the foreground is out of focus, which means what ever it is, is only inches from the camera lens. If you are trying to conceal the camera, make the lens flush with the front of whatever you are using to conceal it.


Ok about the staticky sound from them possibly jamming the wifi. Every time I think hes here my sound is all staticky to where u cant hear the talking. I also discovered tonight I’m missing a min of footage from them freezing the frame and then resuming when he got past the camera. I’m just trying to figure this whole jamming thing out bc I’m almost positive something is going on

My expertise can’t help you to much with the reported jamming, but I can help you adjust your cameras to get better results with recording the happenings in your place. Follow some of the steps recommended above for better quality recordings that will help substantiate that there are no issues or otherwise.

Any “jamming” would affect the video signal as much, if not more than the audio. It would also affect any other WiFi devices in the area.