Unexplained light

Can I get permission to upload a video of unexplained light captured in my mother’s house? I’m sure there’s a scientific explanation.

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Yep, please post your video. :+1:


I have no idea, but that’s creepy. :anguished:

Smoke detector over there?.. it could be a very small light like a motion detector sensor going off… is there any sound? What other small appliances are in that area, even an electric toothbrush…?

No it’s a kitchen; there’s a refrigerator, stove, toaster oven, and microwave in that area. My mother and her aide are sleeping upstairs at this time. I saw another video on YouTube from a Wyze camera with a similar pattern.

This is the YouTube link; if it doesn’t work the vide is called ‘unexplained light appears on ceiling’

Maybe someone left an iPhone or iPad on the kitchen counter. A notification will activate the proximity/Face ID sensor (IR).

Put another wyze cam in another location pointing at the same place.

Turn sensitive to max.

Also turn on sound detection.

There is only one possible answer