IR watching, did not turn on

Recently I’ve noticed the IR randomly on for cams inside the house. They were off, I did not turn them on, they do not show as on in the iPhone interface. What happened, am I hacked, is someone watching? Yuck. I’ve seen us, I don’t even want to see that. Why do you think the IR lights are coming on?

I’d like to look into this. It sounds like there may be a bug. If someone were in your account, I’d expect you to also see the night vision enabled in the app. Could you please send in a log through Account > Help & Feedback and then post the log number here?


My IR has been turning on as well after the on/off button in the app is pressed. I’ve got the IR disabled in settings on these cameras, as they are looking out of windows.

I don’t know what that is.


Here’s a support page on how to submit a log:

Post any questions.


Thank you for that.

To be clear, the concern is: Although the cameras are turned off, off, on the Android interface I will from time to time notice the IR lights have illuminated on one or more of the inside cameras.

Just saying and thanks again for the instructional page.


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Looked you up.

Beta tester, good for you.

Say, do you know what is actually sent and available when one sends logs?

There may be moments recorded that the log reader does not want to see.

So, just asking.

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Wyze has instructed the bata testers and users to send logs when they are having issues. I’m not certain on what’s included in the logs, but I know that no video is ever included.
I don’t work for Wyze so I can’t give an official answer.
@WyzeGwendolyn may be able to give an official answer or direct you to someone who can.

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I can say confidently no video is uploaded with a log, I am not 100% on what is uploaded but no video.

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Thank you.

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Late to the party and I apologize. I can confirm that no videos are sent with the logs. :slight_smile: