Are my ir lights working correctly?

Are my IR lights working correctly? I can turn them on manually and see them by turning the night vision setting to on, but if I turn that setting to auto, yes, ir lights setting is on, the ir lights never come on during motion even in a pitch black room. The only time they ever are on is if the night vision is set to on. Auto and ir setting on never turns them on.

If you cover the light sensor (above the camera lens), do you hear a relay clicking noise?

Yep. I hear it. Also when going from auto to on in the settings.

And? Do you also see the lights when you cover that sensor, like you do when you manually set them to on?

My living room is over 17 feet across, and my cam’s IR lights don’t provide enough lumination to see very far, but at least I see something.

Nope. I only see the ir lights when I manually turn them on. Defective?

Seems so. Time to put in a support ticket, I guess?

Thank you for helping me out out I did a complete reset of cam and now they are working correctly. Go figure. Thanks again for the help. Much appreciated.

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For future reference… Infrared lights are difficult to impossible to see with human vision. However if you look at them through the camera on your phone, they will shine like search beacons.

I don’t have any trouble seeing the Infrared lights on these cameras with my eyes


Same here. Thanks.

If you aren’t using an iPhone, which has a IR filer in front of the lens.

The little circle above the lens was a light sensor on the V1, but is another do-nothing circle on the V2. They do light level checks thru the lens on the V2.

Ah… my bad. Good to know foer the future.

The V1 and V2 cameras transmit IR signals at the 850 nm wavelength which the human eye can discern in the dark. The Pan camera transmits its IR signals at the 940 nm wavelength which is not (or barely) visible to the human eye, even in the dark.

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You’re right It is difficult to see The IR lights on pan cams

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