IR Lights Showing on other Wyze Cam

Just finished setting up a few Wyze Cams throughout the house. There’s two that are overlapping each other a bit and when the night vision is activated, each camera is picking up the bright light from the other. If I disable IR lights, then I notice that night vision feature is not available. Anyway to get around this besides moving the cameras to another location?

Night vision is available independent of having the IR lights on. Leave night vision set to auto and turn the IR lights off. If another camera is close enough to see the light from the other camera it should benefit from that cameras lights.


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So I went ahead and did that but night vision does not come on when IR lights are set to off. Found this odd as to my understanding, IR is for sensing heat and night vision is something else.

The V2 has ir lights for illuminating an area in darkness, not for detecting motion. The V2 detects “motion” through pixels changing, like when a light turns on or a shadow moves enough to trigger an event, not necessarily only a person walking in view (but that changes pixels so that.also triggers an event).

The night vision has three settings. On/Off/Auto as long as you leave it set to on or auto and nothing is wrong with the camera it will come on. You may not be able to see anything if the IR lights are off and there is no other IR illuminator (like another cameras IR lights) nearby.

If thats the case then you will either have to adjust the position of the nearby cameras or acquire an IR illuminator to use.

My front door, where my cam is located is quite dark and the night vision feature works really well.

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