Bluebirds continued

I watched the chicks fledge last year. They come out and look like they are doing a strafing run and then fly up. None have gone vertical immediately after fledging.

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Not brave enough.

Still 4 chicks. One flew but I can’t find the event.

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Haha. “hhhmm, uh nope”.

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Three remaining.

I like how when the chick fledged, another chick immediately went to the entrance like it is queueing up


Must be launching an attack mission. Or just hungry.

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Last year a chick got halfway out, decided against leaving, and tried to back in. The feathers and wings acted like a check valve.

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Old girl in :fr: likes this one. Sez:


they look cold , poor things.

Nine months trying to get out. Rest of life trying to get back in. :grin:

(Conversion to ‘bird’ welcome.)

Empty nest

You can hear mom or dad calling them

Time to switch bird houses and try to get the image clearer.


So interesting! The last two displaced each other at the launch hole a couple times, then pop-pop, empty nest. :slight_smile:

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First egg laid April 13

Last chick fledged May 18.

If my math is correct, that is 35 days.

Really want to use a wide angle lens


I noticed that too.

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That box took a beating in those 35 days. It’s going to need a serious cleaning. :astonished:

Mission accomplished! :smiley:

Bluebird house #1 has been disassembled and ready for cleaning. Bluebird house #2 is up and ready for new tenants.

Unless there are objections, I won’t be sharing future broods this season, mainly because it will be a repeat of the past broods.

Here are some photos showing how I mounted the feeder to our gazebo.

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I think you should now build a :skunk: house since you were mean and fenced Pepé out off the yard.

I always disassemble the bluebird house and clean it before putting it in the shed ready for when a brood fledges. That way I can have a clean house for a new family. Already had a male bluebird checking out the house. :+1:

The house is made of cedar, which is a soft wood. Still, I was surprised to see the claw marks at the entrance hole.

This house has been used for 2 years and maybe 4 broods.

Can you attach something around the hold for them to grasp so that won’t happen anymore?