Bluebirds continued

The chicks use the horizontal grooves to hold onto then when they get older the hold onto the hole. Those marks are normal.

Ok. I just thought you weren’t happy with the wood being gouged out like that. If you had some hardware cloth around the hole, maybe they’d grab that and your wood would last longer.

The board is made of 1/2” cedar. The gouges give it character. Will take 10 or more to wear all the way through.

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I already have a nest. Might have an egg in a week or so. To keep sparrows from attacking the eggs, I put a ‘sparrow spooker’ above the bluebird house. The actual design would not work with my bluebird house set up. The idea is to hang this above the bluebird house once the first egg is laid. This scares the sparrows but not the bluebirds.

Had to adapt but it does the same thing. The red Mylar strips have to touch the top of the bird house.

My version

@TomG is a bird grandpa X at least 15, probably a bird great grandpa too. :grin:

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Can you tell me how your camera is mounted? I put one in a standard bluebird house and the blue birds would not go in. I removed it and have had one clutch so far this year.

We have a chick ready to get outta the shell

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I mounted it as high in the box as possible. Take a photo of your house so I can see the size. Internal photo would be great too.

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You’re supposed to name all of your grand-birds and great-grand birds. Although in your case you might need a couple more volumes of Name Books. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Cool. It’ll be neat watching them hatch out!

They all look the same to me. And when they change position in the nest I will be calling a chick by the wrong name.

I won’t be posting videos because they would be the same as the last brood unless Godzilla decides to hatch. The reason I posted this is because I didn’t have a hatching video yet.

You can post the next one of them taking bets on who is the first out of the house. The last one that you posted of that (Empty Nest) was quite funny and entertaining.

Aww, I’d like to see them hatching.

I did that as well, a standard bluebird box. The bluebirds would look into the house but would enter it. I took the camera out and they built a nest and had four babies.

Yummy wiggly mealworms for the kiddos. Notice the beak full when mom exits the feeder. The house is about 8 feet from the feeder.

It costs about $30.00 for live mealworms when the eggs hatch. I only put live mealworms in the feeder when there are hatchlings in the nest.

Mom and dad bluebird would pig out if I put live mealworms all the time.


The chicks are ready to fly awayyyy. Wings are beating and they keep looking out of the entrance.

This chick seems interested in the shiny thing. Can almost see down its throat into the belly. ,

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Haha, at first I thought they were staying by the corners to get air, but in another video I noticed air was actually flowing through the cracks, and blowing their soft :feather: :feather:.

You with the one black eye, FEED ME.



Just had a brood fledge and the replacement birdhouse already has a nest. I’m not happy with the wide angle len. The location of the camera is as hood as the house allows. Will be building a different birdhouse this winter that should give a better view of everything inside.

Here is mom and dad bluebird checking out the house.

Dad flies around and finds different places that would be good for a nest. Then Mom bluebird checks out what Dad bluebird found. If she likes one, she begins to build a nest. She has been busy all day making the nest.