Bluebirds continued

Momma laid her first egg this morning!

Bluebirds normally lay 4 to 5 eggs per brood. She won’t sit on the eggs until they are all out.

She was eyeing the camera .


She has that “You again” look. :grin:


Usually the egg is laid at sunrise. She is late this brood, maybe because it is 25F

The landlord should provide some warmth !!

Sorry for the grainy image…zoomed v3

I had JUST cleaned the birdbath and filled the tray with clean water.

The tray is a saucer for a flower pot. The fountain is solar, and only runs when there is sunlight. At night the LEDs would mesmerize @peepeep

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Blame Dr. Mesmer, not innocent frog coping best he can! :slight_smile:

The ‘you again!’ pic of Mom is dialed-in, though, eh? :+1: