Bluebirds continued

Momma laid her first egg this morning!

Bluebirds normally lay 4 to 5 eggs per brood. She won’t sit on the eggs until they are all out.

She was eyeing the camera .


She has that “You again” look. :grin:


Usually the egg is laid at sunrise. She is late this brood, maybe because it is 25F

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The landlord should provide some warmth !!


Sorry for the grainy image…zoomed v3

I had JUST cleaned the birdbath and filled the tray with clean water.

The tray is a saucer for a flower pot. The fountain is solar, and only runs when there is sunlight. At night the LEDs would mesmerize @peepeep


Blame Dr. Mesmer, not innocent frog coping best he can! :slight_smile:

The ‘you again!’ pic of Mom is dialed-in, though, eh? :+1:



Was reading 70% of bluebirds don’t make it past 1 year old, but those that do usually live 3-5 years.


Do birds have “Bird Years” like dogs have “Dog Years” ? :thinking:

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That’s a good question! My guess it depends on bird species and the habitat. Birds kept in captivity will live longer than those in the wild. And some parrots can live 60 or 70 years. (This is what I get for watching all those Zoo shows on The Animal Planet.)

Or like the 4 year old little boy visiting and letting their pet canary out of the cage, and watch it fly out the front door. :grimacing:

Never did hear if the bird came back or not.

#4 arrived late today


Something happened to one of the eggs last night.

Perhaps mom saw one of the eggs was not viable and destroyed it. If it was another bird, they would have gotten all the eggs.

Mom probably did it for some reason. Mom always knows best.

She cleaned up the egg

@Antonius you are probably right. Must have been something wrong with the egg. The only way I can tell if the egg is ok is if it is shiny.

This happened at night. I turn the IR off so the image was dark.

Dad is on on it too. This is at the same time but from above the bluebird house.


Dad was the lookout I guess. We had another crazy storm yesterday and all the power went off for a few hours so I didn’t get to see if the :raccoon: :raccoon: gang showed up here or not. All the cams are now back up even the 4 WCO which took a while to come back alive.

Dang sparrow got another egg. Looks like one of the remaining 2 eggs have a hole.

Eggs are taking a beating.

Yep saw that. :unamused:

Wonder if I should clean the house or leave it.

If a sparrow takes over, it will definitely be cleaned.

Was toying with ChatGPT and I asked it how to keep sparrows out of a bluebird house.

A ‘sparrow spooker’ is placed above the bluebird house.

It is nothing more than strips of Mylar suspended by pcv pipe. Supposed to put it in place when the first egg comes out.

Too late now but there will be another brood in a few weeks.

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The Bluebirds will be like :astonished: :eyes: :eyes: