A Peaceful Lunch for Cardinal and Friends

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How did you capture that in the future? :grin:

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Bahaha, I need to go change that right now! Thanks!

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We have an egg!

I said I wouldn’t post any more bluebird photos but …

The directions for the sparrow spooker said to put it up after the first egg is laid. The Mylar strips won’t keep the bluebirds out since there is an egg in the house, but the sparrows will,
stay away.

I mounted the sparrow spooker this morning and watched from a distance as momma bluebird would fly close to the entrance then fly away (cue @AnnWithAPlan ). After about 5 flybys, I took the spooker down. Now momma is going in the house.
Since I stopped putting wild bird feed out, the sparrows have not been hanging around. Black oil sunflower seeds for everyone and dried meal worms for the bluebirds. When the eggs hatch I have live meal worms ready for the little beaks.


It’s hard not to share the joy, isn’t it? :wink:

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Neato. Im running out of black oil sunflower seeds. Will have to get more. I was getting sparrows more eith those than with the bird seeds.

If you have a Menard’s near you, they have a great price on black oil sunflower seeds. I am getting too old to lift the 50 pound bag.

[Enchanted Garden™ Black-Oil Sunflower Seed Wild Bird Food - 50 lb at Menards](https://Enchanted Garden™ Black-Oil Sunflower Seed Wild Bird Food - 50 lb at Menards)

Thanks. I always liked going through their flyers. None in my area, though. I get the big bags from someplace local, I think. I can’t remember where I got the last bag from, haha. Sometimes, I’ll throw some of the mixed stuff to the chickens. They like it too.