Battery Cam Pro Colors Not Right

Anyone else notice that the colors that the Battery Cam Pro shows are not exactly correct? I did a side by side comparison with a V3 inside my house with a lot of natural light, the colors looked exactly as my eyes see. But with the Battery Cam Pro the colors seemed less vibrant, most likely an aperture thing. I also did an outside comparison photo and the Battery Cam Pro showed the greens as very dull, yet my eyes saw the greens as very bright. It didn’t mater if it was 2k or HD the Battery Cam Pro consistently shows a worse color representation.

Battery Cam Pro 2k

V3 1080p

The V3 is showing the truer colors as my eyes see it.

Related to color, and contrast, etc, changing the digital resolution won’t make much, if any, difference. The lens and sensor of the BCPro are still higher resolution pieces, so even if you select to reduce the recorded video to 1080p, it will still have sharpness and contrast differences from a lens and sensor that is only 1080p max. It’s also possible or probable that they have slightly different focal length settings. Higher resolution lenses can produce sharper images with more details, but they are also more likely to introduce more optical aberrations including chromatic aberration, distortion and vignetting. A camera with a lower resolution lens like the V3 may have fewer aberrations, but they also often lose some details and contrast in the image/video.
Higher resolution sensors also capture more details and dynamic range, but they also produce more visual “noise” (in addition to file size and processing power requirements), while a lower resolution sensor in the V3 is likely to have less visual noise, and faster performance but it will lose details and dynamic range.

One reason we might be seeing a difference in lighting can be partially influenced from the aperture of the lens…the thing that controls how much light passes through the lens. A larger aperture (smaller f-number) allows more light to enter, while a smaller aperture does the opposite.

There could be a lot of other factors involved, including signal-to-noise ratio factors and responses (BSI, Dual Gain, etc, though I don’t think these are too relevant).

I know V3’s have historically taken in WAY more light than all the other cameras. In some cases, too much light at night to the point where they get white-washed out in lots of critical conditions.

Now, I am not saying that there is nothing Wyze can do to change the image of either camera, nor whether they should or shouldn’t. There are certainly ways to artificially compensate and change brightness, contrast, sharpness, coloring, focal point, and many other things.

Wyze has even considered offering better personalization for the OG cams. Dongsheng said they were considering offering something like the following so people could choose their preference:


I’m sure Wyze could do something similar for these cams if enough people were interested.

Though, I think the differences you are seeing between the V3 Cam (that lets in LOTS of light), and the BCPro (that has a much higher resolution lens and sensor), is not too surprising. I mostly see differences in lighting, contrast, sharpness, and details. Different people will have different preferences.

As for myself, my preferences are closer to yours, in that I do prefer things to lean a little more toward the light side. I would like the BCPro to still have decent sharpness, details, etc, but be a little lighter. The darkness difference isn’t enough for me to get rid of any of my Battery Cam Pros or anything like that. I still like the sharpness, and details, as well as the spotlight and they’re great battery cams. But I would certainly be pleased if the contrast and brightness were compensated for a little more.


Obviously I knew that resolution doesn’t change colors. My point was that the colors are way off with the Battery Cam Pro compared to what my eyes actually see. And as I said, the V3 had a more realistic color representation. It shouldn’t be the difficult for the newer camera to show colors as we see them and it should be an easy software fix.

Apologies, I thought this comment:

Was in response to my previous discussions in multiple other threads about how higher resolution often does worse in low-light conditions and is often darker coloring, which is true. So I thought you were saying here that you were trying to switch it down from 2K to HD in the hopes that it would fix that. That’s why I was explaining that a digital reduction from 2K to 1080p won’t show any difference in coloring because it’s still using a 2K lens and 2K sensor, so it will still have those issues more than a 1080p lens and sensor even if the 2K lens/sensor video is reduced down to 1080p artificially. So, just to clarify, the point I was making there is that if it was swapped for a true 1080p lens and sensor even if everything else was the same with the exact same material and build quality, it should actually have better coloring (contrast/brightness) as you want just because it is now 1080p. So, 2K down to 1080p does in fact change the color representation as far as contrast, sharpness, brightness, and other things are concerned. 2K down to 1080p would definitely “change the coloring”…but not when it is an artificial change using the same lens and sensor that are still actually 2K and include all the 2K differences affecting the issue at hand.

Regardless, we both have a preference for more light, so hopefully they will consider making some adjustments toward that end as we would both like. :+1: I am glad to read that other people besides me are talking about the coloring, so I appreciate your post.