Cam V4 issues with color at night

I have a yellowish color on about half of my videos at night. Also live view shows the same yellowish color. Other times the videos look normal color.
Camera settings: night vision auto, IR lights off, spotlight off.

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Interesting. I haven’t seen this on my V3s. It seems like the light level is similar.

My Cam V3 did not have the same issue. I have two of the new Cam V4 cameras and only the one of the two V4 has this yellowish background in about half of the videos and when on Live View.

Maybe it’s defective, or maybe the sensor is stuck. I have a V3 that I accidentally dropped it and everything turned magenta. I lightly tapped it and it returned to normal. Give it a try just make sure you don’t break it.

If I were you I’d return it and ask for replacement.

During the day the picture is perfect. Only at night does the yellowish color show up only on about half of the videos and during livestream.

Yeah, that’s when the starlight sensor kicks in.

Keep on eye on your return window. Glad it is only one.

I turned off the night vision mode to see if it gets better at night.

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I don’t have my V4 outdoors yet because of the current wind and rain and I don’t want to melt. I do have a V3 PRO and I leave the night vision off because I have enough ambient light and it provides a great color picture and recordings.

Got a few minutes break in the rain and moved some cams around. I got the V4 up so I’ll see how it works tonight with night vision off like I did with the V3 Pro.


Does anyone have an issue with the v4 skipping 2 seconds when watching live stream? 2:45 to 2:47 to 2:49 to 2:51 ect.

Skipping is not camera specific. It’s a network issue. Your network can’t keep up with the video stream that v4 sends, in this case 2.5K video. My guess would be it’s either too far from the router or your 2.4GHz channel is congested with other devices competing for attention. Try changing the channel in your router and see if that helps.

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I just installed my V4 yesterday and it does not skip when watching live stream on my iPhone or iPad. I also had no issues with night vision like @jeffery.lambert . I have night vision turned off. I have a street light at the end of the driveway and a bright moon.

V4 Learning curve. I forgot to turn off the spotlight turning on with motion and also forgot to turn off motion tagging. The spider playing video was 1:19 long and 7.15MB in size.

Wyze is sending me a new Cam V4 replacement. Hopefully the new one does not have the same issue.

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Its 10ft from the router and only 2 other devices (batter cam pros). Never had a problem with it when i had those and 2 cam v3’s. Ive changed the channel and that doesnt help. It only does it on my tablet. Phone it works just fine. I noticed this happened after doing the update to the device and updating the app. Running on Samsung s23 ultra and tab s9. V4 and battery cams set to hd but still stutter and skip. Even recording to sd card. I also have a huge notification dely since the update as well. Wonder if its the app update.

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It’s possible. Whenever I have any kinds of hiccups with my cameras, I reboot both my modem and router. Most of the time a new IP lease fixes the problem.

That might be AWS or ISP related. Give it a day or two, it might fix itself.

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I will do that. If it doesn’t fox it i guess i just have to live with it sadly.

It has been my experience that eventually things get fixed.

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Maybe that is the issue? I have a 6 year old Dell laptop. If I do a speed test on the 2.4GHZ network it is a lost cause, maybe 10 MB’s down to 5 MB/s up. I think the Wi-fi 2.4 card is toast. The 5.0 GHz on the laptop is 260 down and maybe 10 up. If I do the same test on my 4 year old iPhone and iPad I get 100/down and 23 up on the 2.4 network and 565 down and 23 up on the 5.0GHz network. Do a speed test on your tablet.
The V4 video files are large. I had on last night 37 seconds was 6.12 MB, and one video that was 1 min, 19 seconds and it was 7.15 MB .

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Its a new tab s9. Only had it for a week. Started doing it on my phone first. Did all the updates
. Dont know what to do. I unistall it from the tablet for now. Aee how that does with just the phone.

Antonius, I think you nailed it. I totally forgot that not all devices have the same WiFi radio. I have an iPad 5th gen that has half the speed of my iPhone 11 and tenth of my MacMini.

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