Night time vision alternates between color and black and white

New Installation. Cam v4

Night Vision Conditions = Dark
Night Vision IR Lights = active

Odd thing, camera is color at night then 5 minutes later after car headlight glare it goes black and white. Cam points towards the street so glare if from side

Other times it’s just black and white.

Anyone have same conditions or suggestions for fix

Probably because it is a smart device. Therefore it could choose the best option to use.

If it is normally color at night and you have enough ambient light just turn the night vision to off and you will have color all night.The quality of the view will depend on how much ambient light you have. Sound like your cam is set to Auto night vision.
Night vision off:

Most of my outside cameras are locked into daytime mode so they stay in color mode. Granted, I am in the suburbs so there is always enough light to make the image useful with the V3 and newer cameras.


Problem solved