Battery cam pro 180 deg setting not found in App

Hey everyone in the Wyze wide world. I’m having an issue for the very first time my battery cam pro is upside down and there is no 180 deg toggle in Advanced settings in my app?

Is there a specific reason you want to mount it upside down instead of just spin it to be right side up?

For most of the other cameras, the 180 degree function was there because they had their mount on the bottom of the camera, so they were commonly flipped upside down, but the battery cam pro has it on the middle of the back, so in any situation where it could be upside down, it should also be easily oriented to be right side up. I think it is better weather-proofed when right side up too. Some of the cracks around the bottom flap don’t seem to have a gasket around them. There is a gasket around the battery, mSD card and reset button, but not around the entire thing, so in theory, if it was upside down, water could get into the cracks on the edges, and pool all around the orange gasket…which could keep it exposed to water and extreme temperatures for much longer than it otherwise normally would be exposed to water. This will likely wear out the gasket more quickly.

Don’t get me wrong though, I think Wyze should include full 90 degree intervals of custom orientation on every camera, so I don’t disagree that the 180 degree should be added onto this. I agree that it should. I just think they purposely left it off to try to force people to keep the camera oriented upright so water doesn’t pool on the bottom around the gasket area…so since you are asking about 180 degree, I’m just interested to know what good rationales you may have for needing it instead of spinning the camera a little bit to sit upright instead. Then if I get a chance to give that feedback to an employee I will absolutely pass that on, because honestly, anything that helps convince them custom orientation is important is something I am interested in helping to add to the other rationales I give. :+1:

Amen to that! That will give more mounting options to v3, v4 and v3 Pro.

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Thanks for your comment, it’s now clear to me what has happened. I had tradesman here and they have been working near the camera and it’s dislodged it to be 180 degrees exactly! It makes sense why they do not have that feature in the app for this camera. Thanks for your help and the friendly manner in which you came across in your comment mate.

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That makes sense! Thanks for the follow-up explanation. I’m glad this helped you to figure it out and you were able to flip it back the right direction. :slight_smile: