Upside down video

The live stream is upside down. Is there a way to correct? I’ve unplugged the cam but that didn’t help.

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There is an option in the camera settings while in the Wyzecam app that lets you flip the stream 180 degrees.

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Make sure that “rotate 180 degrees” is not enabled within the advance settings in the Wyze app.


Yep. That was it. I must have turned it on by accident.
Thanks for helping.


Im having the same problem with needing to rotate image, however this may sound ridiculous, but I can’t find the Advanced settings in my app.

Open your app. Tap on the camera in question to live view. On the top right of the screen tap the little gear icon and that will open settings. Advanced settings will be the fourth line down. I am using an iOS app and don’t know if android is different.

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Similar on the Android Device. Same location as indicated how far down is different. In either case, click the Advanced line when you get to the Camera Settings area then you can flip your camera 180 degrees there.