Wyze cam v2 picture is upside down

When viewing one of my v2 cams ,which I just unboxed via my samsung tablet ,using latest wyze app , the picture display is upside down.
Firmware is up to date.

My other cams display correctly.
To view the picture right side up , i must place on a surface with base facing up.

Any clues ?

Try Advanced Settings > Rotate Image 180°.


Hey Newshound - Thanks a lot for your reply - much apprciated lol right in front of me - ha
Also i saw your posting on dipping your Wyze cam from 2019

Ive been using my Wyze cams out doors here in Colorado - temps get very low in winter . sometimes hits the - but cam is doing well . with this skin . I picked it up at Amazon

Lost a micro sd memory card just days back ( stopped working ) . Not sure of the cause ,… but thats easily replaced .

Thanks and stay safe