No advanced options for Wyze Cam v2

I purchased the wyze car and installed my v2 cam and the image is upside-down. I used to mount it upside down and had the image rotated. When. I upgraded to v3 cameras I didn’t rotate the image back bc I figured I’d never use the v2 again. There is no advanced option in the v2 menu to flip the image back to right side up like the v3. Now I wasted money on the car bc the camera is useless. I’ve spent hours trying to update and find a work around and no dice. What’s the deal Wyze, fix this nonsense.

Welcome to the forums! You’ll need to do a manual firmware flash back to the production firmware, then the advanced settings where image flip is at will be accessable.


You can enable SD card recording that way too, if you have an interest in recording your runs. :slight_smile:

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Same issue my v2 cameras have no advanced options like wth even the one I was using no longer has them this makes me very weary to buy anymore wyze products if there just gonna software nuke them

What firmware version is on the camera? Is it a shared to you camera?

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Yes, the V2s and V3s are very similar. Explain your use case. Show your issue with screen snaps. This thread started with a Wyze Car app and the “Rotate Image 180°” setting. Both the V2 and V3 have that under Advanced Settings in the normal firmware and app.