Wyze cam V2: no advanced settings or event detection option

On one of my v2 cameras there is no menu option to go to advanced settings or to see the event detection options.

The firmware is up to date as of today. I deleted and readded the camera and it didn’t make a difference.

I have the same problem with my v2, plus it does not display the logo or date/time or options to turn those on. This same cam worked great until I ‘borrowed’ it for my wyze car, requiring some sort of firmware change, but once my black cam came in for the car, I reset the original v2 to factory spec then updated the firmware and software, but it still does not offer the options above or the advanced options screen. This cam is not shared and otherwise is working pretty good, except it doesn’t connect as quickly or dependably as it did before the ride on the Wyze car. Any ideas?

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I also thought it was odd that I couldn’t shut the camera off while on the car to save battery. Lots of options disappeared when it is on the car.

That looks like a V2 that was loaded with the Car Cam firmware that you are now trying to use from the regular app. What you need to do is manually flash the firmware back to normal if you aren’t going to use the V2 in the car.

Unclear what the bolded item means, but if you still have firmware on the camera, then you also need to flash back to the production version using the procedure above.

To turn the car’s battery pack off, double-click on the power switch.

The car’s firmware does have reduced options, for sure. Many options will still work (like SD Card recording) if you manually flash back to the production firmware as shown above, then use the regular app to set those options, then flash back to the car firmware.

I’m looking for a way to turn camera off remotely. I’d like to use it over a week to just do a quick drive around my house when I’m gone. I think the battery will do far better if I could drop the camera/car in sleep mode.

Ah, good idea. :slight_smile: Unfortunately, I just did a quick test, and the camera draws the same amount of power whether it is on, or turned off thru the app. I always knew it was still on to receive the wake-up command when you turn it back on, but apparently it keeps all circuitry running, and just stops processing video & audio.

Same It broke after having the Wyze car firmware on it!

I got advanced settings back by flashing the RTSP firmware to my wyze cam v2’s

Yes. Those settings don’t exist in the car firmware, but the production and RTSP firmware have them.

Thank for posting this question, I have two V2’s that I haven’t’ used in awhile, (both have been used with my Wyze Car in the past (Wyze Car = “Crap”, IMO), thus the two V2’s I purchased (one to be a backup if the other failed), aren’t used for that purpose, they just set here on the shelf.

I think I’ll flash them with the RTSP firmware, and add them to my QVR Pro NVR and the Blue Iris software.

thanks again,